What Is This Lack of Professionalism In Pakistan?

Lack of Professionalism

A personal reflection on the values and ethics, on professionalism within the Millennials.

For two months, I worked as an intern at a media company. I met an employee from another department with whom I became good friends during that time. She informed me that she had spent the previous 17 years at that company. I went completely still. This is Lack of Professionalism in Pakistan 



It was unimaginable to me, so I froze. It\’s unfathomable that someone could stay with a company for so long when I couldn\’t even stay with one for a year. I mean, it had only been two months, and I was already looking for work, with no intention of turning my internship into a full-time position.

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When I got home, I realized the previous generation had not been like that. My father worked at his office for over 25 years, my uncle had been there for 17 years, and my neighbor had been a teacher at the same school for the previous 12 years.

The Wrong Questions… and the Correct Response

If we ask why millennials cannot embrace a similar situation, the answer is simple. Why do we switch from one organization to the next or from one field to the next? The answer is quite simple. It\’s because we\’re not compatible with one organization but think we\’d get along with another. That is not incorrect. It\’s entirely possible. The lack of professionalism, on the other hand, is a problem.

Professionalism demands that you complete your tasks on time. It necessitates that you keep your task errors to a minimum. Not to mention, it necessitates a respectful tone toward your employer. Once you\’ve established the tone, your professionalism will permeate all of your actions.

Professionalism In Behaviour

Let\’s look at it this way. You join a company, work for a while, then realize it isn\’t right for you, so you leave. However, now that you\’ve left, you\’ll ensure that your hasty decision has no negative consequences for the company. No task has not been completed, no promise that has not been broken, and although the rulebook allows you to leave, you respect the company enough to give them ample time to find a replacement.

People nowadays are more concerned with instant gratification than with anything else. They separate themselves from the other side to avoid feeling responsible. What is the source of it? We still don\’t know. Will it, however, be beneficial? Not at all. Why? Because you will have established a reputation for yourself if you continue to dissociate from every other interaction in your life. Others may then be hesitant to associate with that individual.


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