Watch: Lahore SHO forces man in custody to bark like a dog

Watch Lahore SHO forces man in custody to bark like a dog

A police officer in Punjab\’s capital city committed the lowest form of torture when he forced a suspect to bark like a dog while being held.

A man is shown in a social media video being tortured by a bunch of police officers at the Badami Bagh Police Station as his shirt is torn off, and blood is seen on his clothing.

“I am a dog, whao, whao,” the frightened man can be heard responding to a question when he is asked by the policeman: “Who are you?”

The suspect\’s humiliation increases when SHO Asif Jabbar, a police officer, orders him to bark like a dog, and the defenseless man is left with no choice but to comply.
The Lahore Police have been instructed to take strict action against the official who was tortured after the Punjab Police inspector general took notice of the event.

An investigation was started when SHO Asif Jabbar was suspended.

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In response to the inquiry findings, Punjab Police tweeted that additional action would be taken against the accused officer.

However, because of this cruel behavior, social media users have demanded that the police officer be fired.


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