Researchers Find 1,000 LinkedIn Profiles Using Deepfake Images

Researchers Find 1,000 LinkedIn Profiles Using Deepfake Images

According to researchers at Stanford Internet Observatory. False facial photos created with artificial intelligence were use to uncover over a thousand LinkedIn Profiles identities.

Renée DiResta and Josh Goldstein of the Stanford Internet Observatory discovere after being approache on LinkedIn by Keenan Ramsey. After a closer look, DiResta discovere that the face in the profile image appeare to be false due to the centre positioning of the eyes and the hazy background, although it appeared to be a typical software sales pitch at first glance. Ramsey was reveale to be a complete fabrication after that.

This prompted the researcher and her colleague Josh Goldstein to investigate the number of computer-generated or deepfake photographs on the professional networking site. Deepfakes combine and superimpose existing photographs and videos to create fictitious images of people or frame them for doing or saying something they did not say or do.

AI Photos Used as Fake LinkedIn Profiles Photos

According to recent examples, this technology has made its way into the corporate world. According to NPR, many of these profiles with AI-generated photos appear for marketing and sales purposes. However, when users join one of these phoney identities, they are connecte to a real salesperson.

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