Mansha Pasha, Jibran Nasir share two cents on marriage and love

Petrol price in Pakistan increased once again
Petrol price in Pakistan increased once again

Jibran Nasir share two cents on marriage: During a recent podcast guest appearance, Mansha Pasha. A Pakistani actress, and her spouse Jibran Nasir talked about their path to a happy marriage.

Pasha is a well-known actress and TV host who has starred in several financially successful television shows and won awards for her superb acting abilities. However, the Shehr-e-Zaat star’s personal life is also a hot issue on the internet, drawing interest in addition to her career. Since Pasha wants to utilize her platform and celebrity to impact people. She doesn’t think it’s a huge thing to accept and share experiences.

The actress recently made an appearance when she talk about how it felt to marry Jibran Nasir after going through a divorce and offer her opinion on how society views divorced women who get married again. Nasir add his voice and expresse his opinion about getting married to someone who has already been marriage.

For those who don’t know, Pasha and Asad Farooqi were wed from 2013 to 2018.

The Pani Da Bulbula actress clarified that every divorce is unique and elicits varied responses from the relatives of the parties involved. Despite her considerable power, Pasha is cautious while offering life advise.

Nasir, a well-known attorney and human rights advocate by trade, also talked about his personal experience. He make it clear that. It is absurd and out of touch to criticize someone for making a decision when you are not involve in their lives.

Mansha Pasha, Jibran Nasir

“It shouldn’t be a huge concern because everyone has a past, whether it be from dating, engagement, or marriage. Rather of living on the past, you should concentrate on the present and the future, Nasir said.

The Chalay Thay Sath actress disclosed during a recent guest appearance on the FWhy Podcast that she and Nasir had started their romance online, which developed over time and ultimately resulted in marriage.

The Humsafar actress said, “We started off as just friends but then very soon after that from both our sides, there was a mutual liking.”

“But we didn’t want to plunge into it because, you know, I had also ended a bad relationship. The actress said, “We wanted to see how we are together.


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