What to Look for in an SUV- mg suv price in pakistan

What to Look for in an SUV- mg suv price in pakistan

The sport-utility vehicle, or SUV, is a current industry favorite in Southeast Asia, Europe, and North America. Why then is this kind of vehicle gaining popularity everywhere? There are numerous explanations for it rather than one main one. Another phenomenon that cannot be explained is the bandwagon effect, which appears in several markets. Nowadays, it is not unusual to see numerous billboards advertising \”New SUVs with the new deal\” or \”Ford Explorer for sale. In this post we discuses about the mg suv price in Pakistan

Even after the pandemic destroyed the global supply chain, SUV sales are surging. Whatever the reasons, many people will continue to favor SUVs over other models of vehicles, and you will probably purchase an SUV as your next vehicle. However, you might need to think about a few things before making the final decision if you consider buying an SUV.

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Things to look for in an SUV:

Work out your budget/price range

SUVs cost more and are a little bit larger than typical cars. Additionally, the extra equipment and safety features that come with an SUV cost more than those with a standard car. As a result, you must weigh these various costs and determine the final price and any additional fees that might apply (miscellaneous).

You must carefully manage your resources and set a budget for this purchase. If not, you will have to break the bank or get a sizable loan. The dealerships may try to get you to take out a loan because they are connected to financial institutions that offer money for auto loans, but the choice is ultimately yours.

Compare the fuel consumption

Vehicles from various manufacturers use varying amounts of gasoline and have different mileage. And SUVs use more fuel than conventional automobiles, especially the bigger ones. Therefore, if you purchase an SUV with all-wheel or four-wheel drive, the fuel usage would be considerable. However, if fuel economy is not a problem, you can purchase a Ford Explorer in Wichita. However, if fuel economy is a deciding factor in your situation, you should seek out a vehicle with poor fuel economy and high mileage.

Safety requirements

As you are aware, the majority of SUVs can travel off-road. And traveling off-road might occasionally be difficult. As a result, you\’ll need good safety features like assistance with descending hills, dual front airbags, cornering stability, speed- and impact-sensing door locks, etc. These characteristics are also appropriate for driving on public roads.

Consider technology features


For the millennial generation to even consider purchasing a car, it is now necessary for the instrument panel to be nice. In the past few years, SUVs have evolved from vehicles for off-roading and carrying more passengers. Large brands now produce premium SUVs, most of which don\’t even have off-road capabilities. All of them will be equipped with more advanced technology than what you\’d find in a typical car.

Over the past ten years, the definition of an SUV has evolved, and consumers now have a keen interest in this class of vehicles. The market\’s perception of SUVs will soon be altered by something else, and demand for them will continue to rise.

Mg suv price in pakistan

The MG HS 2022 is available in Pakistan for PKR 8,499,000 for the base PHEV model and PKR 8,900,000 for the top-of-the-line 1.5 Turbo model. These MG HS prices are mg suv price in pakistan

VariantsSpecificationsMg suv price in pakistan
MG HS 1.5 Turbo1490cc, Automatic, PetrolPKR 8,900,000
MG HS PHEV1490cc, Automatic, HybridPKR 8,499,000


Fuel TypePetrol & Hybrid
Engine1490 cc

MG HS 2022 Specifications:

PricePKR 85.0 – 89.0 lacs
Body TypeSUV, Crossover
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height)4574 x 1876 x 1664 mm
Ground Clearance145 – 175 mm
Displacement1500 cc
Horse Power160 – 280 hp
Torque250 – 370 Nm
Boot Space448 – 463 L
Kerb Weight1550 – 1775 KG
Fuel TypePetrol & Hybrid
Mileage10 – 12 KM/L
Fuel Tank Capacity37 – 55 L
Seating Capacity5 – Persons
Top Speed180 – 190 KM/H
Tyre Size235/50/R18


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