Mohatta Palace – Historical Landmark of Karachi

mohatta palace in karachi

The Clifton neighbourhood in Karachi is well renowned for the structure that resembles a palace and draws people there, especially the mohatta palace in karachi. The affluent businessman, \”Shiv Rattan Mohatta\” built it.

The Mohatta Palace Karachi\’s history is highly fascinating. It has been learned from the materials that it is a love story. To save his wife\’s life, Shiv Rattan Mohatta built this Palace. It recalls the tale of the Taj Mahal, with the exception that the Taj Mahal was constructe following the passing of Shah Jahan\’s wife. However, Mohatta ordered the building of this location to save her wife\’s life.

Do the majority of people look up what Mohatta Palace is? Here are some quick facts on the Mohatta location.

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A very successful ship handler and merchant from Rajasthan named Shiv Rattan Mohatta built this palace-shaped property in the wealthy coastal neighbourhood of Clifton about 20 years before Pakistan was founded. He employed \”Ahmed Hussain Agha,\” a Muslim architect from the subcontinent, for the project.

Because his wife was ill, Mohatta decide to settle down close to the ocean. People could see the sea from the Palace\’s balcony and rooftop in the early days before residential towers were built.

The structure Ahmed Husain travelled to Karachi from Jaipur to prepare the Palace\’s design and aesthetic. He developed a unique Indo-Saracenic architectural style by fusing the salient elements of British and Mughal architecture.

The Mohatta family moved to the newly formed India when Pakistan was created, leaving the entire legacy and Palace in good and maintained condition. It was utilised by the Pakistani government\’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The government moved the ministry of foreign affairs to Islamabad in 1967, and Fatima Ali Jinnah received control of the Palace. Its previous name was Qasr e, Fatima. It became a focal point for her presidential campaign.

Shireen Li Jinnah, Fatima Ali Jinnah\’s sister, moved into this storied Palace after her sister\’s passing. She spent her entire life there. 1980 saw her passing. As a result of property rights litigation concerns, the government shut it down after her passing.

Location and phone numbers

Address7 Hatim Alvi Rd, Block 5, Old Clifton, Karachi.
Contact No.021-35837669
Timing11:00 AM to 6:00 PM (Tuesday to Sunday)
Built in1927
Area Size2055 sq. yds.
Commissioned ByShiv Ratan Mohatta
ArchitectAgha Ahmed Hussain
Architectural StyleIndo-Saracenic Architecture

The architecture of the Mohatta Palace Museum

Nearly 2055 square yards are devote to constructing Mohatta palace in karachi, which also contains lovely, verdant gardens. The basement, first floor, and ground floor are all of its three floors. Visitors can now access the rooftop of the Palace, which offers views of the skyline.

Pink jodhpur stone and regional golden gizri stone are use to construct the Palace\’s entire structure. These stones were specifically utilise to shield the structure from the sea air.


Indo-Saracenic architecture (also known as Indo-Gothic, Mughal-Gothic, Neo-Mughal, or Hindoo style.#MohattaPalace #Karachi #Pakistan #Architecture #PixelPhotography

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There are nine octagonal domes in its museum. The other eight are smaller, with one larger one in the centre.

The balconies, windows, and railings of Mohatta Palace are embellishe with floral and peacock designs. The front of the old home has large windows that give visitors a great view of the front green garden. The Palace does, however, have arched windows on the backside.

The doors of Mohatta Palace are constructe of teak wood. The Palace\’s teak wood windows and stairway are also in excellent shape.

The design of Mohatta Palace is still extremely contemporary and draws the attention of tourists. On the north side of the basement, a set of steps leads to the restrooms and hot tub. Additionally, the edge of the pool chamber has a few tiny vents.

Rooms in the Museum


The Mohatta Palace\’s museum interior consists of two levels plus a basement. For entertaining guests and visitors on the ground level, large, grand rooms are connecte by a hallway. The remaining two are on the left side of the entry, two are on the right side, and one is on the backside.

The first floor has lovely architecture. You can see the Palace\’s lovely green garden from the balconies and windows. Ten doors in a large hall open toward the passageway.

Final Note

This article contains all the information on the mohatta palace in karachi. Only adults may purchase the ticket, which costs 30PKR and enjoy themselves.

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