6 National Foods Of Different Countries

6 National Foods Of Different Countries
6 National Foods Of Different Countries

National foods of different countries 

Any dish which is enjoying the title of national foods must have the following qualities:

1 – It must associated with that particular country

2-it must be a part of the routine meal of that country

3 – It should be made of locally available ingredients

4 – It has promoted as a national dish by the country itself. 

1 – Pakistan 

Nihari is a Muslim dish from Delhi, and after the independence of Pakistan, many cooks migrate to Karachi and other cities in the eastern wing and established restaurants. Nihari become a roaring success and soon all over Pakistan. Now Nihari is consider to be the national food of Pakistan. Nihari is the most famous dish in Pakistan. Pakistan, every region has a different dish. Pakistan has a low per-capital income; it has a very affordable meal.

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2 – India

In the most populous countries in the world, India has been enjoying a distinct position. Foreign foods have deeply influenced Indian cosine; it is a fusion of Arabic, Turkish and British local dishes. Invaders from different regions brought their local taste; ingredients were also import from their native regions, So, there were various foods. The Mughal Empire brought a disaster change in India\’s routine meal; they introduce a variety of new tastes to India. India has a particular geographically location; people from different regions have their own taste. People are residing near the sea like seafood and mountainous people like animals and fatty food, like spicy food. It is difficult to declare any dish as a national dish of India due to that diversity of taste.

Kitchi is one of the most popular food amongst Indians. It is not only delicious but also a budget-friendly dish. This dish combination of rice and pulses. It is consider a symbol of national unity.

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3 – Afghanistan

Afghan food is the best blend of various influences that make a distinct and delectable taste of their own. Historically, there are over 20 different ethnicities; historically, coma Afghan food poses its main influences to three major ethnic groups: the Pashtuns, the Tajiks, and Turkic groups such as Uzbeks and the Hazaras. Similarly exist although all group has a different variety of cosine.

Kabuli pulao is one of the most famous and favorite dishes of all ethnic groups in Afghanistan. It is a tasty combination of basmati rice, lamb meat, resin, and carrots. It is not only famous in Afghanistan but also a favorite dish of Asian countries as well. Kabuli pulao Is national Foods of Afghanistan.

4 – France

France is a rich agricultural land; it provides different kinds of fruits, vegetables, and meat throughout the year. Streetside cafes, restaurants, and hotels are very famous among the French. Different kinds of dishes are famous in France, but pot au feu is famous as a national Foods of France it is a tasty combination of stewed meat and vegetable. The origin of this widely accepted and celebrated type of dish can be traced to King Henry IV of France, who ruled between 1553 and 1610.

5 – England

British cuisine has not good International reputation. English cuisine was deeply penetrating with the local cuisine of different the Middle East and India\’s colonial countries. British were involve in World War 1 and World War 2 ; these two war times brought a disaster change in England\’s routine food. During wartime, menu foods were prepare without basic ingredients, So, the 20th century is often blamed for declining British cuisine. Modern British cuisine has been greatly influenced by the foreign restaurant open in Britain. famous TV chef and books were written on British cuisine also have a great influence on local British food. A beef roast is national Foods of England.

 Chicken tikka masala is an Indian dish, but It is more popular in Britain. It best represents the foreign influence on British taste. A beef roast is an equally famous dish in England.

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6 – Japan

 Japanese cuisine is deeply influenced by classical Chinese cuisine, and it has become more common after the Kamakura period. During the Kofu period, fish and meat of horse dogs and chicken were banned. In the Modern era, Japanese cuisine has also adopted other foreign foods like Raman Spaghetti, hamburgers.

 Japanese food is based on rice noodles, seafood, and vegetables. Traditional techniques are using to prepare Japanese food with locally available ingredients. Tokyo has been enjoying the title of the city with the most 3-star restaurant in the world.

 Japanese people like to maintain a healthy lifestyle, so Japanese cuisine lacks lots of spices and fat.Katsudon is a famous Japanese dish; it is a tasty combination of the fried pork, vegetables, and condiments presented with a rice bowl.


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