12 Inventions You Didn’t Know Came From Pakistan

new inventions in pakistan
new inventions in pakistan

Pakistan has a significant history of science and culture, even though it was just created in August 1947. From beneficial computer viruses to water-powered generators, Pakistan has produced a plethora of world-changing ideas. Pakistanis are brilliant people. We can do more than say it; we can show it. Here is a list of some of the new inventions in Pakistan. Which are now being emulated, practiced, and used by people all around the world.

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1 – Fertilizers Made Using Non-Explosive Materials


A Pakistani fertilizer manufacturer recently developed a novel recipe for creating fertilizers that can\’t make bombs. Fertilizers containing ammonium nitrate could previously be easily transformed into bomb-making components.

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2 – Human Development Index


Mahbub-ul-creation Haq\’s of the Human Development Index in 1990 revolutionized economics. According to Mahbub-ul-Haq, the index\’s sole goal was to \”shift the focus of development economics away from national income accounting. And toward people-centered strategies.\” To put it another way, the HDI measures progress by focusing on the health, education, and living conditions of communities rather than the quantity of revenue. The human development index is one of the new inventions in Pakistan.

3 – The Higgs Boson 


Professor Abdus Salam, the first Pakistani Nobel Laureate, predicted the presence of the Higgs Boson subatomic particle while collaborating with Steven Weinberg.

4 – The SMB probe


Nuclear power has to be one of the most lethal, if not the most destructive, of all harmful energy sources. Since its inception, nuclear power has caused numerous tragedies around the world, resulting in numerous deaths and polluted environments. To address this issue, Sultan Bashiruddin Mehmood creates the SMB Probe, which is expecte to reduce the risk of a nuclear accident significantly. The SMB Probe\’s mission is to keep power plant operations under control. And look for large water leaks to reduce accidents. SMB Probe is one of the new inventions in Pakistan.

5 – (c)Brain


In January 1986, the Farooq Alvi brothers created the world\’s first virus for MS-DOS. The Lahore brothers invente (C ) Brain, a virus that infects the boot sector of storage devices. And is still widely use today to prevent hacking and detect piracy.

6 – Water Generator 

\"Water Generator \"

Rehan Aziz Farooqi, a Swat engineer, invented a water-powered generator that can power any motor, whether diesel, gas, or petrol. The generator generates electricity by extracting hydrogen and oxygen from water and converting them into usable forms. However, because hydrogen is extremely explosive, the creator of the generator wants to make certain that there are no risks. Before releasing it to the public. water Generator is one of the new inventions in Pakistan.

7 – Successful Brain-Silicon Chip Connection


Dr. Naweed Syed is the first person to \”connect brain cells to a silicon chip.\” This Pakistani was instrumental in the world reaching a significant milestone. This discovery will greatly aid research integrating computers with human brains to help people monitor vital signs, control artificial limbs, correct memory loss or vision impairment.

8 – Sagar Veena


Raza Kazim at the Sanjannagar Institute in Lahore developed the Sagar Veena. Which is use in classical music entirely in Pakistan over the last 40 years. It is one of the new inventions in Pakistan.

9 –  Lavatory That Transforms Human Waste into Charcoal, Minerals, And Clean Water

\" Lavatory

A Pakistani researcher at Loughborough University, Sohail Khan created a lavatory that converts human waste into biological charcoal that can be burned and clean water.

10 – Ommaya Reservoir


The Ommaya reservoir, invented by Ayub K. Ommaya, is a system for injecting medicines into the cerebrospinal fluid to treat patients with brain tumors. It is one of the new inventions in Pakistan.

 11 – Pleuroperitoneal Shunt

\" Pleuroperitoneal

A Pakistani American doctor invented the Pleuroperitoneal Shunt and a Special Endotracheal tube from Peshawar Pakistan. To supply oxygen during fiber-optic bronchoscopy in awake patients.

12 – Cheap Electricity


Shahzaib, a young boy from Quetta, made this breakthrough in Grade 11. He invented a non-metal device that can use ordinary electricity and generate more of it. He lit 44 LED lights, which normally require 3 watts, with only 1.5 watts passed through his invention. The invention is still in its early stages.


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