What Pakistan Need Today

What Pakistan Need Today

Pakistan has world\’s 5th largest population. Being a developing country Pakistan has been facing numerous political, social and economic challenges as well. Brain drain, corruption, unemployment, poverty, poor management of resources, and high population rate are play key role in decreasing rate Pakistan\’s development. The biggest assets of Pakistan is its people. This is the need for hour to overcome all the Pakistan current issue by the government\’s collective efforts and efficient polices. 

Is Their Any political Problem That Need to Address

Pakistan is facing today political instability. For the last few years, we have seen the transition of power from one\’s civil government to another, but the system is not politically stable. We have seen many long marches, protest to stop the smooth worrying of the government. No single prime minister in the history of Pakistan had completed its five years, except Zardari. Government is stable for the last three years, but there is no progress in any field. The government is hiding behind the Jianping of pandemic COVID -19.

Stop Corruption 


Another pakistan current issue that needs to be tackled stop corruption. This menace of corruption had deeply affected the economy and stable of Pakistan. Unfortunately, it exists in our system.

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Despite the Existing of the Anti-corruption Corruption department, the government is unable to control corruption because it exists within the system.

High Unemployment 

Another challenge which needs to control the high rate of unemployment. The new jobs are created by start establishing new industries. If the level of export will be increased, then automatically new jobs will be created.  

Hight rate of unemployment they are very few jobs in the government and private sector. The men\’s power is reduced in the different private sectors, and as a result, unemployment increases. However, the main reason for high unemployment is a high rate of import and low level of export. 

The product which is made by the industries are imported from other countries. The main reason to import products is to provide a variety of products to its consumers. In this way, different products are imported, and reliance on own products is minimized. 

Need Strong Economy  

Pakistan needs a strong economy. We need economic reforms to trade with the neighboring country, which will be increased. It will increase stability and peace in the reign. The products of Pakistan will exported to different countries; regions on other products will be minimized. In this way, foreign debts will be reduced. The CEPC is the project which will bring prosperity and stability to Pakistan. There is a need to reform economic policy. Such policies will be adopted and implemented, which are helpful for the progress of the country. The investors will be happy to invest in Pakistan. 

If we can come out from pakistan current issue which is the need of the time. Then the day is not too far when Pakistan is on the list of developed nations. We as a nation have the potential to overcome these challenges through modern technology and economic-friendly policy.

High Rate of Population

Pakistan is the 5th largest countries by way of population. The increase in population has a strong effect on the economy. The Government is unable to provide the basic facility of life to its people because of high population. 

The High Rate Of Poverty

More than 30% of the population lives before the poverty line. Pakistan\’s government is not starting a new industry. Because of COVID, a small industry has been close and the poverty rate increase in Pakistan daily. 5.5 million people are include in Poverty. 

Health Resources 

To provide basic health is the duty of the government and the fundamental right of a citizen. 

What need to Improve 

  1. A stable government is a must for Pakistan. It needs a democratically elected government that could at least complete its 5-year term.
  2. Equal rights to every person in the country; people should not be discriminated against based on their religion and ethnicity.
  3. End of hatred between various religious groups like Sunnis and Shia, disputes between these groups are common.
  4. A constitution that supports democracy for the people by the people.
  5. United Pakistan with the message of brotherhood.
  6. The provincial heads should have power in their hands; right now, the local authorities or chief ministers have to beg the army or central government for various funds.
  7. Pakistan should have a better relationship with its neighbors. The relations with Afghanistan and India are not good. If Pakistan wants to have a good business with its neighbors, a good relationship is a must.
  8. The Islamist radicals and extremists in Pakistan should be under control.

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The government\’s national strength, unity, and solidarity are need to deal with the rapidly evolving reality. It\’s a job to keep them organized and to keep them working. One thing is for sure. However, the future governing style will have to be less political and categorical, self-governing (technology), and heavier on salvation; otherwise, they will soon be in danger of rebellion. Pakistan current issue increases day by day.

Systems and processes are design to provide the required services and equipment. If they do not, then go too slowly, too much inclination in favor of someone, they need to corrected and come to terms with reality. Relying on a system to work when it is design for normal conditions and reality is inviting disaster. Change is the name of the game; stagnation will not last and cannot last.


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