Pakistan Erica Robin Takes Part in Miss Universe 2023 Contest


Pakistan Erica Robin Miss Universe 2023: Model Erica Robin, 25, is the first Pakistani to represent. Her nation at the Miss Universe 2023 pageant in El Salvador. Robin is a native of Karachi’s Christian community.

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When Erica arrived at the pageant location, she posted on Instagram to thank God for entrusting her with representing Pakistan among almost ninety delegates from around the world who are all committed to promoting equality, purpose, and sisterhood.
Applauded by fans and organizers alike, Erica Robin’s entry in the 72nd Miss Universe pageant—she was recently crowned Miss Universe Pakistan—is being heralde as a significant step toward promoting greater diversity and inclusion.

On Saturday, the eagerly awaited finale will take place, giving Erica the chance to compete internationally.

Erica made a big statement by wearing a burkini—a chic pink burka that covered her body—as a respectful nod to Pakistan’s cultural values during the swimsuit competition preliminary round. This audacious decision has drawn praise and criticism in equal measure.

Pakistan Erica Robin Miss Universe 2023

Pakistan Erica Robin Miss Universe 2023

Conservatives have called Erica’s involvement “shameless,” but human rights advocate Sherkan Malik believes that her presence could be advantageous. He draws attention to the fact that women in Pakistan are frequently restrict to household responsibilities, highlighting. The importance of Erica’s presence as a Christian woman who speaks intelligently on television. He sees this as a significant and encouraging development.

Pakistan Erica Robin Miss Universe 2023

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