Pakistan Fashion Industry Destroy Our Islamic Value

Pakistan Fashion Industry Destroy Our Islamic Value
Pakistan Fashion Industry Destroy Our Islamic Value

The textile industry has played a huge role in the economy of Pakistan. Monetary success from the industry has translated into the innumerous fashion retail brands which have mushroomed up all around the country. However, amongst these Pakistan Fashion Industry destroy our Islamic norms and value on the name of fashion.

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This is where our fashion industry comes in – exploited, corrupted, overtaken by foreign/paid agents who are out to destroy the country through \’experimental cuts\’ and \’wacky designs\’.
Do not be fooled. There are millions of dollars, nay, billions being pumped into this artificial industry to destroy us, particularly our vulnerable young males and females. Now Muslim boys do not wear shalwar and kameez. Girls also prefer to wear jeans.

Kameez Without Shalwar

Every Muslim and non-muslim know shalwar and kameez show Pakistani culture. But many Pakistani designer give news trends every month. They are not bothering about Islamic values and norms. Pakistan Fashion Industry only focus on new trends and follow the western culture. Pakistani designer Hussain Rehar showed an interesting collection. It was something new, but people just did not respond well to it.  The collection itself is fine, but people’s responses made it all weird.

East Meet West

As we discuss, early western want to destroy our culture and norms. The paid designers to mix west culture with the east. Youth forget her their real culture—Pakistan fashion industry destroy our norms. This time around some unknown designers has managed to go viral for all the wrong reasons. Clad in what can only be called a sheer disaster, this man is making rounds on social media with his ‘East meet West and Results in a Disaster Look.

Boldness Is a New Fashion Trend

There’s no point in promoting western culture as your own if our designers are so West-inspired, then they should think of settling abroad in a more competitive environment. There is no harm in being bold, and our plan here is certainly not against skin exposure, the point of this argument is the relevancy with one’s target market. Our fashion industry is touching zenith when it comes to being bold, blatant, and creative to the point of being called stupid. Pakistan Fashion Industry shows some bold collection on the name of trend.

Bizarre Designs and Irrelevant Fashion


When it comes to fashion, the designs, the creativity, and the concept of a fashion designer are expos and highlight; exposing models and their barely covered bodies, weird hairdos, and garish makeup take the limelight away from the actual product. Pakistan fashion industry should also focus on Islamic values and norms of the culture.

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