Sozo Water Park– Location, Timings, Ticket Price And Much More!

Sozo Water Park– Location, Timings, Ticket Price And Much More!
Sozo Water Park– Location, Timings, Ticket Price And Much More!

Summer vacations are approaching, and many families are likely to make plans to enjoy themselves. People sometimes wish to unwind by having fun somewhere other than their usual living quarters. They want to get away from the city\’s fast-paced, involved way of life for a few hours. When a water park fulfills a person\’s wishes, it will be an overwhelming assumption. The water parks have a lot of reasons for people to visit them for a vacation. People assemble as a family to emphasize the importance of regularly socializing with friends and family. The article will provide information on Sozo Water Park location, hours of operation, ticket prices, and more for the summer. Individuals, friends, families, and groups of friends begin making plans to visit these water parks over the summer for vacations.

The Sozo water park is popular among Lahore residents. They frequently visit the park with their families, cousins, and friends during the summer. Many people desire to take a break from their stressful and repetitive routine and spend time with their family and friends.

Aside from that, there are a plethora of fantastic rides. At Sozo Water Park, the majority of the rides are free. The general public should inquire about ticket prices; families should know that the cost varies month to month. From 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., the park is open.

Features Of Sozo Water Park

Sozo Water Park is not only known for its spectacular, thrilling rides, but it is also Pakistan\’s only ladies\’ water park, with over two thousand women visiting at the same time. It has a lot of water play areas, playgrounds, water slides, and other fun things to do. The park provides visitors with enjoyment and entertainment. The following features are available in the water park:


By all means, everyone\’s safety is critical. Water parks demand a higher level of security due to the presence of youngsters and their families. Engineers from the University of Engineering & Technology (UET) Lahore have validated the ride in Sozo Water Park for structural safety.

The rides are officially tested and run by the constructors before the parks are opened for public use, according to the official website of the Sozo water portion and its proprietors. Every day before the Sozo water park opens, a pilot test is conducted on all slides and attractions.


The most crucial elements that consumers look for at a water park are cleanliness and hygiene. When I asked management about Sozo Water Park and the official website, they told me about the pools and sections with chemically cleaned water. Thanks to the chemical treatment, germs and bacteria are kept out of the pool.The water at Sozo water parks is changed regularly to avoid contamination by dirt and germs. The water is filtered via silica rock to eliminate dirt, garbage, and solid waste.

Types Of Water Slides In Park

For a one-day excursion in Lahore, Sozo Water Park is one of the best parks. Wate Park Sozo offers a wide range of exciting activities for thrill-seekers.

Twister side, speed slide, wave pool, racer slides, free-fall slides, bullet slides, and Kundal slide are among the park\’s water slides. On weekends and during peak hours, the park is filled. Most institutes organize trips to these grounds because they provide a Grade A learning environment.
In Sozo Water Park, there is a lazy river. It\’s a 10-foot-wide aquatic body with a slow-moving river flowing through it. This comfortable and peaceful river is for brave folks and adventure seekers. The water in the sluggish river flows like a peaceful river, and visitors can relax in it. The  water park is one of the best locations to take the family to Lahore during the summer.

Sozo Water Park Lahore Ticket Price Timings

DayTimingsTicket price for kidsTicket price for adults
Monday10 am 6:30 pmPKR 300PKR 400
Tuesday10 am 6:30 pmPKR 400PKR 500
Wednesday10 am 6:30 pmPKR 500PKR 600
Thursday10 am 6:30 pmPKR 500PKR 650
Friday10 am 6:30 pmPKR 600PKR 700
Saturday10 am 6:30 pmPKR 600PKR 700
SundayNational holiday no specific timingPKR 660PKR 700

Sozo Water Park Lahore Location


Sozo Water Park is located on Canal Bank Road in Lahore, near Jallo Wana. It is close to several well-known Lahore locations.  Water Park is merely a 10-minute drive from Bismillah Housing Scheme and Paragon City Lahore and more than a 15-minute drive from Bismillah Housing Scheme and Paragon City Lahore.

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