How Pakistani celebrates New Year Night

How Pakistani celebrates New Year Night
How Pakistani celebrates New Year Night

Like other countries, with much spirit and enthusiasm, Pakistan also has a tradition of celebrating the New Year. It brings hope, enthusiasm, and happiness to the lives of Pakistan’s general people. During the year, Pakistan has a large number of traditions and celebrations to make. New Year night in Pakistani celebrates with enthusiasm across many culturally, ethnically, and religiously diverse communities. Following the global trend of celebrating New Year’s Day on January 1 in the Gregorian calendar, many Pakistanis welcome the New Year with parties, festivities, and prayers. This year because of COVID 19 may be some changes in celebration.



Concerts and small parties are going to be held all over the city. But the most excellent celebration will included in Bahria Town Karachi with an epic display of fireworks and a unique dancing fountain show. If you lice in Karachi, then this is a must celebration to attend. If you live in Karachi, then this is a must celebration to attend.


Serveral parts of Lahore will decorated. With colorful lights and celebrations will take part in almost every nook and corner of the city. The best performance of fireworks will be held at Eiffel Tower Bahria Town Lahore.


The capital city of Pakistan, which is often thought of as dull and boring, will also be lit like the rest of Pakistan. However, Scores of people come to enjoy a musical performance and grand fireworks display every year at Giga Mall and Bahria Enclave.

Public Life

A circular published by the Interior Ministry declares January 1, 2010, a holiday. January 1 is normal. Not a public holiday in Pakistan; it is, however, a bank holiday. All public, private educational, and business organizations except banks remain fully Functional and commence normal daily activity.

5 Things That Happen\’s on New Year\’s Eve

New Year New Me


On new year\’s night, everyone posts about their new year resolution and new startup of life.

Hours Of Traffic


Pakistani celebrates a new year but also face a lot of hours of traffic on one January.

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Anda Dhuna Hawai Firing


New year night Pakistani start Anda Dhuna Hawai Firing at Midnight. 

Police Walay


Sub ka favourate police waly.


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