85% of Pakistani Sellers on Alibaba are From Sialkot

85% of Pakistani Sellers on Alibaba are From Sialkot

Sialkot contributes significantly to Pakistan\’s annual export total. The city is renowned worldwide for its premium medical tools, leather clothing, and sporting items. According to the Sialkot Business and Commerce Centre (SBCC) estimate, approximately 400,000 people are directly or indirectly employed by the city\’s export sector, which contributes $2 billion a year to the national coffers. Muhammad Sadiq, the manager of business growth for Sellers on Alibaba Pakistan, recently disclosed that Sialkot is home to most Pakistani vendors in the Chinese global marketplace.

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Sellers on Alibaba

At a summit of Alibaba\’s merchants, Sadiq stated that Sialkot is home to 85% of all of Pakistan\’s sellers.

Additionally, Pakistani sellers have over 3.2 million listings on Alibaba. 63 percent of all listings go under the clothing and accessories category. The remaining listings fall within the sports, entertainment, health, and medical categories, as well as the tools, hardware, and mineral ones.

Alibaba Online Shopping in Pakistan 2022
Song Song, the country head of Alibaba in Pakistan, spoke during the summit via video link as well. According to him, the B2B e-commerce market in Pakistan will experience annual growth of 28% in the following three years.

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On the other hand, Song also emphasized that Karachi only hosts 3.3% of all Alibaba merchants, urging exporters from the nation\’s economic center to take the initiative and change these dynamics over the next three years.

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