Asia Cup Heroics Earned Naseem Shah One Million instagram Followers

Asia Cup Heroics Earned Naseem Shah One Million instagram Followers

Following his outstanding T20I debut in the Asia Cup 2022, Naseem Shah soon reached 1 million Instagram followers.

After his impressive performance in the competition, Naseem Shah, 19, saw a surge in his Instagram following and is now officially part of the 1 million club.



Naseem led Pakistan\’s pace attack against India during his debut, and he quickly rose to fame in Pakistan, where he was the talk of the nation.

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Online, other nations, like India, showed interest in the young runner. As a result, in September, Naseem Shah\’s fan base significantly increased.

Before the Asia Cup, the young runner had about 400,000 fans; now, she has one million.

Naseem Shah earned a sizable fan base after hitting two sixes against Afghanistan in the dying over to win the match.

The youthful pacer had about 484,000 fans before that game, but after Naseem Shah struck those hard blows, that figure increased to 728,000.

After Urvashi Rautela, a Bollywood actress, uploaded a cute video of them from the Pakistan-India game, Naseem\’s profile in India exploded.

The two later briefly followed one another before ceasing to do so for an unknown cause.

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