Poor Quality Of Clothes – What Are Local Clothing Brands Up To?

Poor Quality Of Clothes
Poor Quality Of Clothes

The recent ban on importing things from other countries, especially apparel, has left many Pakistanis worried and perplexed. So, where do they obtain their clothes? We wouldn\’t be disturbed by this in a perfect world because our local business would be producing impeccable clothing. In Pakistan, however, this is not the case! Clothing standards and policies in the local industry are dismal, and here\’s a look at why:

The Poor Quality



The Facebook community \’Voice of Customer\’ frequently makes you want to give up hope. After just 2 minutes of scrolling, you\’ll find at least 10 comments regarding poor-quality apparel from local stores. Breakout jeans, for example, lose their colour after just one wash. After just one wash, Beechtree\’s clothing begins to fall apart. Sana Safinaz, on the other hand, is known to have horrible sewing!

Eid Fiasco With Ethnic

On the eve of Eid-ul-Fitr, we spent a lot of time talking about what Ethnic was up to. Ethnic is a local brand that produces both Indian and Western clothing. On Eid, 90% of those who purchased from Ethnic had a negative experience. The colour spilt out, the garments tore, and the stitching undone. You name it; there was an issue.

These are much too numerous, especially with Ethnic, who can always operate without being held accountable.

Poor Quality Of Clothes Poor Quality Of Clothes

Why The Poor Quality?

These are only the complaints brought to our attention via social media. Consider the number of unnoticed complaints simply not documented on social media. They show that the local garment industry is in trouble— there are too many consumers and too much demand, so businesses believe they can make whatever they want.

After all, what other options do we have now? The complaint percentage would be less than half in other countries, and even minor issues would be addressed. Isn\’t it true that customers come first? Unfortunately, they don\’t belong in Pakistan, where refund and exchange policies are unavailable half of the time. We\’ve grown accustomed to being conned and allowing those who con us to get away with it. Perhaps others would learn something if we all banded together and boycotted these brands today!

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