Some Private Schools Force Parents to Pay ‘Fuel Charge Adjustment’ With Fees

Some Private Schools Force Parents to Pay ‘Fuel Charge Adjustment’ With Fees

Some private Schools Force Parents are infamous for raking in cash from parents under the guise of various \”extra-curricular\” activities and charging students expensive tuition fees.
They have devised another cunning method to steal money from their parents. In the fee vouchers for September, certain private universities now include the Fuel Charge Adjustment (FCA).
According to Report fee vouchers for a private school, parents must pay FCA, ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand Rupees.

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Although parents have strongly criticized private educational institutions\’ decisions, they are left with no choice except to pay the tuition inclusive of FCA or risk having their children expelled.
On the other hand, private school and college administrators assert that they were compelled to use diesel-powered generators because of load shedding during August\’s hot weather.
According to the owners, most parents have already paid the fees for September, including FCA. They also stated that fee vouchers without FCA will be provided in October because the overall load shedding situation has improved.
It is important to note that all energy providers in Pakistan experienced harsh criticism for including high FCA in their monthly bills.

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