Army Museum Lahore – Timings, Ticket Price, and Other details

Army Museum Lahore – Timings, Ticket Price, and Other details

Since the independence of the sacred site, Pakistan has engaged in various conflicts to defend its independence. For this reason, numerous Army Museum Lahore are strewn around Pakistan\’s various cities. Lahore is particularly important since it upholds the legacy of Islamic culture and civilization and the nation\’s rich military history.

Army Museum Lahore


It\’s a fantastic place to visit since it has the artifacts of our beloved martyrs who gave their lives so that we could have a bright future and the military equipment our enemies who fled left behind.

\”Rebirth of a Nation,\” \”Quaid and the Armed Forces,\” \”Nishan e Haider Gallery,\” \”Shohada Corner,\” \”Life at Siachen,\” \”Kashmir Corner,\” etc. are just a few of the exhibitions that make up the Army Museum in Lahore.
The Nishan e Haider exhibit includes artifacts from several battles and the names and pictures of military men who have received the Nishan e Haider, the Army\’s highest accolade, which is a centerpiece of the Army Museum.

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Only 9 kilometers separate the Lahore Army Museum from the Allama Iqbal International Airport (15 minutes by car). For individuals interested in learning more about Pakistan\’s military history and the numerous visitors who visit the city, the Lahore Army Museum is a terrific addition to the city\’s many attractions.

After being officially launched by Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa on August 13, the Army Museum in Lahore was made accessible to the general public in September 2017.

Defense Museum opening hours


From Saturday through Thursday, the Army Museum in Lahore is accessible to the general public. However, there are always a certain number of tickets available.

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Military Museum Hours

For a guaranteed entry ticket to the Lahore Army Museum, open from 9:30 am till 4:00 pm, arrive promptly at 9:30 am. There is a ticket window, and it is open from 9:30 to 11:00.
Army Museum admission costs
For entry into the Army Museum, Pakistani nationals must pay PKR 50 for adults and PKR 20 for children (up to 12).

Army Museum Well-Known for


Four Indian tanks are now in the custody of the Pakistani military. The Pakistani Army\’s gallant soldiers bravely captured three of them in 1965 at Chawinda. Close to Sialkot, and the fourth one was capture in the conflict of 1971. A short history of the constructions is give on marble slabs next to the tanks.
From the time of independence to the present, some of the museum\’s black marble slabs commemorate the names and places of birth of victims (2016). Some of these stones will eventually change because they don\’t yet have any writing.

Sir Douglas Gracy and Sir Frank Messervy, two British generals, led the Pakistani military from 1947 to 1951. They can see next to their Pakistani counterparts\’ busts. The site is adorne with exquisitely crafte statues of elephants and horses engaged in combat.

Visit the Army Museum\’s Rebirth of Nation display. You can view a 1947 Pakistani Constituent Assembly film where Lord Mountbatten watched Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah deliver a speech. Extremely talented artisans made these sculptures. Images of national leaders are display at the Lahore Army Museum in various categories, each of which contains details about. However, The men and women who help the nation arrive at its present status as a free Islamic democratic republic. In another section, pictures depict the grueling conflicts Pakistani military forces engaged in to save their nation.

The history of the two significant wars that were fought with India in 1965 and 1971 are shown in a separate gallery. M.M. Alam deserves praise for his contributions to Pakistan\’s triumph in those conflicts, which included his courage in battle and the Navy\’s unstoppable Somnath operation, to name only two instances.
The army museum in Lahore has excellent representations of the fight against terrorism and the numerous battles against India. At the army museum, you may view pictures of various counterterrorism operations the Pakistani military carried out.

In honor of the kids and teachers who fought back against the terrorists. At Army Public School Peshawar, pictures of them have been put on the wall.

Army Museum  visiting days

The days for visiting the Lahore army museum are Monday through Sunday, excluding Thursday and Friday.

Army Museum Contact number

The Army Museum\’s helpline number is 042-36610873.


Families with young children and history-loving adults enjoy visiting the Army Museum Lahore. While learning about the rich history of the Army and paying tribute to the courageous soldiers and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice, everyone will love examining the collection of helicopters, tanks, and other vehicles at the Lahore Army Museum.


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