Protection Visa Australia – Does it lead to Permanent Residency?

Protection Visa Australia – Does it lead to Permanent Residency

Protection Visa Australia: Many individuals experience persecution and torture in their nations. They experience discrimination because of their nationality, colour, or religion. These factors help them locate a secure and safe place to live in. 

Australia provides refugees with a Protection Visa for this reason. However, it’s a common question to wonder if a protection visa can lead to permanent residency.

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Read on to clarify whether you may obtain PR in Australia with a Protection Visa. We have compiled all the details for this Visa.

What is a Protection Visa?

Protection Visa is a permanent visa. It is made available to visitors to Australia with valid visas who request refuge. You can qualify for the Visa if you match Australia’s protection obligations. However, to get subclass 866 in Australia, you must also satisfy the other qualifying requirements.

Subclass 866 visa costs AUD40. You must abide by Australian rules and regulations to successfully apply for this visa. Holders with protection visas may securely and permanently reside in Australia. 

The ability to take multiple trips begins on the day that you receive your protection visa. Until the expiration of subclass 866, you may travel to and from Australia for five years.

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Requirements for a Protection Visa Australia

You may qualify for the Protection 866 Visa Australia if you meet the requirements. For this Visa, the Home Affairs Department has established strict eligibility requirements.

  • You must be a refugee seeking asylum in Australia to be granted a visa under class 866.
  • Be subject to Australia’s protection requirements or share a household with someone who is.
  • Observe all visa conditions, including background, character, and health checks.
  • Hold a valid visa and be in Australia.
  • Not be prohibited from requesting an Australian permanent protection visa.
  • Do not possess a Temporary Protection Visa (Subclass 785), a Temporary (Humanitarian Concern) Visa (Subclass 786), or a Temporary Safe Haven Visa (Subclass 790). (Subclass 449).
  • Satisfy Australia’s security regulations.
  • Satisfy the character and fitness standards.
  • Include supporting documentation with your visa application, such as proof of identification, citizenship, or nationality. You might also be asked for biometric data by the Home Affairs Department.

What is the processing time for Protection Visa Australia?

Protection Visa 866 Processing time is flexible because it differs depending on the application. If you don’t fill out your application properly, processing can take longer. You must include all relevant supporting documentation with your subclass 866 application. 

You must wait for the Home Affairs Department to respond if you have applied for a Protection 866 Visa Australia. The Home Affairs Department frequently gets in touch with applicants to get more details. As a result, you must answer on time. 

By obtaining a visa, you may speed up the processing of your protection visa. The Department of Home Affairs strives to process visa applications with the necessary documentation as soon as possible.

Protection Visa to Permanent Residency

Yes, an 866 Visa can lead to permanent residency. 

You can reside permanently in Australia if you are issued a Visa 866. Refugees who enter Australia with a valid passport and require asylum are eligible for Visa 866. Refugees are eligible for Visa 866 if they comply with Australia’s protection duties. However, you can schedule a meeting with us if you’re a refugee and need assistance applying for visa 866.

Those with Visa 866 can live, study, and work permanently in Australia. The offshore humanitarian preprogram also accepts Visa 866 applications from your family members and accepts 866 applications from your family members.

This Visa is for onshore people. While requesting a Protection Visa, you must be present in Australia. With a visa 866, you can live and study in Australia. Additionally, it enables you to sign up for Medicare to receive medical care in Australia. Centrelink services are also available to you in Australia.

Protective visa holders can reside permanently and safely in Australia. The offshore humanitarian program allows your family members to apply for permanent residency in Australia. You may sponsor them for Australian permanent residence if you have a Visa 866. If you’re qualified, Visa 866 also lets you seek Australian citizenship.


People requesting refuge may apply for a Protection Visa from the Australian government. For those who don’t feel secure in their country, it’s like a lifesaver. On a valid visa, they can immigrate to Australia and apply for a protection 866 visa. It is a long-term visa. If the refugees meet the criteria for Visa 866, they are given Australian permanent residence.

Visa 866 holders are free to live there. The Australian government always extends a warm welcome to immigrants, refugees, and other foreign visitors. You can work with Australian companies as well. Additionally, Australia allows you to enroll in whatever course of study.

Do you want to seek asylum in Australia as a refugee? Want to apply for a Visa 866? Then schedule an appointment with our consulting company, The Migration.



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