PSL 6 InComplete Without Memes

PSL 6 InComplete Without Memes

PSL 6 InComplete Without Memes

Soon after the PSL 6 official start, social media gives reactions to it. Cricket tournaments incomplete without memes. People create memes on PSL 2021. Memes play an important role in our lives. As they have become a huge part of social media, as a means to get the message across. Everyone knows PSL 6 Incomplete Without memes.

Reactions To Song “ Groove Mera

Those not snowed were quick to dish out criticism, some wishing to turn back time.

One user tweeted a meme of a cross-looking boy with his hands folded and looking down, reading \”ye maine ne kya kardiya?\” (What have I done?).

Calling Ali Zafer

After watching the PSL 6 anthem, it seemed many were missing Ali Zafar. Just like last year, Ali Zafar launched Mela Loot Liya against Tayar Ho, will this happen again? People are still waiting for Rockstar.

PSL Opening Ceremony

Some people seem it looks like a concert than the opening ceremony of PSL 2021

Atif Aslam

As always, Pakistan\’s \’King of Pop\’ did a great job. People loved his performance.

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Javed Afridi

Javed Afridi reaction after watch every trending actor “ pawardi begin”  


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