Public criticizes Shahveer Jafry for highlighting his honeymoon on social media

Public criticizes Shahveer Jafry for highlighting his honeymoon on social media
Public criticizes Shahveer Jafry for highlighting his honeymoon on social media

Shahveer Jafry, a popular vlogger, recently married fashion designer Ayesha Beig in a lavish ceremony. However, while the pair is on their way to the Maldives for a honeymoon, social media users are upset that the YouTuber reveals private photos and videos.

Jafry is a YouTuber and a sketch comedian. He\’s famous for making comedic videos on the lives of \’brown folks.\’ Pakistanis appreciate Jafry because of his amusing content, which is frequently too relatable for his desi viewers. However, something has recently ruffled social media users\’ feathers.

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Shahveer Jafry and Ayesha Baig\’s whirlwind relationship appears to be continuing as the newlyweds head out to the Maldives for their honeymoon following a gorgeous wedding. The couple took to their Instagram accounts to provide a sneak peek from their Maldives vacation, leaving admirers in awe of the stunning photos.


Shahveer Jafry Wedding

The YouTuber recently married in a lavish wedding ceremony by several YouTube personalities, including Sham Idrees and Zaid Ali. The celebrations began with a mehndi ceremony, with the pair dressed in yellow for the occasion.

Jafry wore a sequined black sherwani with an ornate shawl for the nikah ceremony, complementing the bride\’s customary red and gold attire.

While the pair is on their honeymoon in the Maldives, Jafry has documented their adventure with photos and videos.

While he may be instilling wanderlust in his admirers and other social media users stuck at home, many are irritated by his lovey-dovey poses.

The pair had to cope with a lot of online trolls and criticism


Oh, Pakistan\’s moral policing is never-ending! Even when it comes to married couples, PDA is a big no-no. So you don\’t agree with the posts? Now is the time to move on. Why do people feel the need to write such venomous remarks all of the time?

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The YouTuber had already faced backlash on social media after a photo from the event went viral, showing a notice barring vehicles and security guards from entering the site. At the wedding, several people chastised him for his elitism and classism. Following the outpouring of criticism, Jafry took to Instagram to reply to claims of classism at the wedding.

The YouTube community was present during the couple\’s engagement party in December last year. Zoya Nasir, Zaid Ali, and Sham Idrees served as stalwarts on the guestlist throughout the wedding festivities.


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