Ramadan 2023: When is Ramadan Starting in Pakistan? What time is iftar

Ramadan 2023 When is Ramadan Starting in Pakistan What time is iftar

what time is iftar: The ninth month in the Islamic calendar is Ramzan, also called Ramadan. It is a month of fasting, prayer, and reflection for Muslims everywhere. Are you looking for information on the start of Ramadan in Pakistan in 2023? In that case, you’ve found the right location.

Ramazan 2023 Dates – Start and End

According to the Pakistan Meteorological Service, Ramadan will begin in Pakistan on March 22 or 23. The deadline is either April 21 or 22. The lunar calendar released on their official website is shown in the screenshot below.

What time is iftar

Since this is the ideal time of the year for Muslims to dedicate their life to prayer, fasting, and charitable action and multiply their blessings and virtues, Muslims are excitedly anticipating the beginning of this month. A great moment to petition Allah for forgiveness is during Ramadan.

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Sehri & Iftar Timings

The table below shows the Sehar and Iftar times during Ramadan in Pakistan in 2023:

Roza #Sehri TimeAftaar Time
01 Ramadan (23 March, 2023)04:44 AM06:25 PM
02 Ramadan (24 March, 2023)04:42 AM06:26 PM
03 Ramadan (25 March, 2023)04:41 AM06:27 PM
04 Ramadan (26 March, 2023)04:39 AM06:28 PM
05 Ramadan (27 March, 2023)04:38 AM06:28 PM
06 Ramadan (29 March, 2023)04:36 AM06:28 PM
07 Ramadan (29 March, 2023)04:35 AM06:29 PM
08 Ramadan (30 March, 2023)04:33 AM06:30 PM
09 Ramadan (31 March, 2023)04:32 AM06:31 PM
10 Ramadan (01 April, 2023)04:30 AM06:31 PM
11 Ramadan (02 April, 2023)04:29 AM06:32 PM
12 Ramadan (03 April, 2023)04:27 AM06:33 PM
13 Ramadan (04 April, 2023)04:26 AM06:34 PM
14 Ramadan (05 April, 2023)04:24 AM06:35 PM
15 Ramadan (06 April, 2023)04:23 AM06:36 PM
16 Ramadan (07 April, 2023)04:21 AM06:37 PM
17 Ramadan (08 April, 2023)04:20 AM06:37 PM
18 Ramadan (09 April, 2023)04:19 AM06:38 PM
19 Ramadan (10 April, 2023)04:17 AM06:39 PM
20 Ramadan (11 April, 2023)04:16 AM06:40 PM
21 Ramadan (12 April, 2023)04:14 AM06:40 PM
22 Ramadan (13 April, 2023)04:13 AM06:41 PM
23 Ramadan (14 April, 2023)04:11 AM06:42 PM
24 Ramadan (15 April, 2023)04:10 AM06:43 PM
25 Ramadan (16 April, 2023)04:08 AM06:43 PM
26 Ramadan (17 April, 2023)04:07 AM06:44 PM
27 Ramadan (18 April, 2023)04:05 AM06:45 PM
28 Ramadan (19 April, 2023)04:04 AM06:46 PM
29 Ramadan (20 April, 2023)04:02 AM06:46 PM
30 Ramadan (21 April, 2023)04:01 AM06:47 PM

Note: These are merely the approximate times; the precise times may change according to your city of residence and moon sightings as well.

Let’s fast together!

As the time when the gates to heaven and hell are opened and closed, and demons are bound, Ramadan is one of the holiest months for Muslims. Requests made during the fast-breaking ceremony are always granted, according to the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Prepare to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to seek Allah’s pardon! Keep an eye on our website as well. We’ll shortly add the Sehar and Iftar hours for Ramadan 2023 for each city



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