Did Ranveer Singh Say ‘Nude Photoshoot Wasn’t For India’?

Did Ranveer Singh Say ‘Nude Photoshoot Wasn’t For India’?

Ranveer Singh set the Internet ablaze with his nude photoshoot. After all the controversy, the Simbaa star is finally addressing the ‘scandal’.

Model Aimal Khan Bold Photo Inspired By Ranveer Singh

The Ram Leela actor revealed that he had no idea that his naked photograph for Paper Magazine would cause such a stir. According to ETimes, he had not submitted the contentious images.
According to additional reports, the actor was question regarding the specifics of the photoshoot contract, where the idea came from, and who posted it online.

“While he admitted to having uploaded a few pictures on social media, he denied uploading the picture which was stark. We are collecting technical evidence.”

Over two hours were spent questioning the Gully Boy actor. According to recent reports, he is allege to have admitted to police that the photo shoot was not intended for India.

According to investigators looking into the situation, the actor could call in again if necessary.

“Ranveer has been ask to appear at the concerned station on August 22. Ranveer had recently posed nude for a cover shoot, following which a number of cases had been file against him in Mumbai, alleging that his shoot hurt the sentiments of women.”

Due to the Bollywood actor\’s most recent nude photo session, cases were brought against him. base on reports;
It was previously reporte that the West Bengal government had issue a seizure order. For all printed copies of the latest cover of the magazine above featuring Singh\’s naked images.

According to The Indian Express, lawyer Nazia Ilahi Khan filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL). At the Calcutta High Court at the beginning of August. Claiming that the cover photo is \”obscene in the judgement of the public at large.\”

All printed copies of the most recent cover of Paper Magazine were to be confiscate, it was ask. Additionally, Nazia Ilahi Khan wants West Bengal, India, to prohibit access to the magazine\’s website.

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