Reham Khan Gets Married

Reham Khan Gets Married

Reham Khan Married: Reham Khan, a weather forecaster and news journalist, rose to fame after marrying former Pakistani prime minister Imran Khan. She once hosted a show and was a prominent news anchor. After her second marriage to Imran Khan, she decided to vacation from her relentless job in the media. She has been critical of her ex-husband since they split up after 10 months of dating because things did not work out.

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Reham Khan Married

She recently appeared as a guest on G Sarkar, where she disclosed that one of her family’s elders is a palmist who has predicted that she will find love once more and get married a third time.

She declared today on her Instagram that she is engaged for the third time: “Astrologer Samia Khan also prophesied that Reham Khan could get married after December 20.

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She uploaded images of herself as a stunning bride and proclaimed on social media that she had remarried:

Reham Khan Married 1

Reham Khan in Hijab on Nikkah Day

Reham Khan in Hijab on Nikkah Day

Reham Khan First Marriege

Reham Khan  First Marriege

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