Samsung introduces AI-powered fridge with 32-inch smart touchscreen

Samsung introduces AI-powered fridge with 32-inch smart touchscreen

The latest refrigerator from Samsung features a built-in 32-inch HD touchscreen display called the “Bespoke Refrigerator Family Hub Plus.” In this post we discussed about Samsung introduces AI powered fridge with 32-inch smart touchscreen

Its screen, which can be use to watch movies, create digital shopping lists for Amazon delivery, and control SmartThings-compatible smart home appliances, is significantly larger at 32 inches than the 21.5-inch screen seen on prior models of Samsung Family Hub refrigerators.

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The Family Hub Plus, introduced in a Korean press release, includes the free Samsung TV Plus service, letting users stream 190 TV channels in the US or roughly 80 stations in South Korea via the Samsung TV Plus app.
Viewing social media content like TikTok videos and YouTube Shorts is also a breeze, thanks to the display’s vertical orientation. Additionally, it offers a picture-in-picture (PIP) mode that lets you use a floating window to view movies while using the rest of the screen for other things.

Samsung introduces AI powered Fridge

Users of Google Photos can now share content created on the Family Hub to any mobile device, in addition to the OneDrive connection that was previously available on Samsung’s Family Hub refrigerators. This is possible because Samsung added support for the Google Photos cloud.

Google Photos photographs can be download and viewed on the Family Hub Plus. The Family Hub Plus now supports the Samsung Bespoke Atelier app. if you would rather display artwork and paintings than pictures of your family.

The six SmartThings Home Life services—Air Care, Home Care, Pet Care, Clothing Care, Energy, and Cooking—are available through the integrated SmartThings hub. Different SmartThings devices can be monitore and controlled with it.

The price and release date of Samsung’s new Family Hub refrigerator has not been disclose, nor have additional information (such as the display refresh rate or resolution).


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