Science of Parallel Universe and Islam

Science of Parallel Universe and Islam
Science of Parallel Universe and Islam

As the existence of aliens and other universes is the hot topic of today\’s media. The atheists of today\’s World completely refuse the existence of all these and even refuse the existence of God. But, on the other side, Science gives glimpses of some parallel universe, and Islam also strengthens that scientific idea. Of course, Quran is not a book of Science but the fountain of all sciences and carries a lot about aliens and the parallel universe.

Some scientific phenomena are quoted first and then to be weighed in the light of Quranic verses and Islamic events

1 – Double Slit Experiment

In 1961 there was an experiment called the double-slit experiment. In this experiment, electrons are passed through a barrier with only two holes. Now the electrons should have appeared only in two places on the back wall, but surprisingly, they appeared in ten different places, and that too in the shape and size of these two holes.

2 – Matter and anti-matter

Everything we see, feel is called matter; you must have read solid, liquid, gas, and we have been reading these three states of matter for centuries. In the 19th century, the fourth state of matter called plasma was discovered, and in the twentieth century, a very mysterious thing was discovered called antimatter. It is the exact opposite of matter. When this universe was created, equal amounts of matter and antimatter should have been created, but all the antimatter of our universe is missing, absolutely missing; where did it go?

3 – Vasteness of universe

A. Boots Void/Super Void

In the western sky of our Pakistan, we see a cluster of stars called bootes. Behind this is one of the most mysterious parts of space called bootes-void. Absolutely empty part, no star, no planet, no galaxy, nothing. But what is its size? Light travels from one end to the other in 330 million years. In fact, it is such a large part that it is called supervoid.

B. Kuiper Cliff

Seven and a half trillion miles beyond our neighboring planet Neptune suddenly becomes empty, no meteors, no broken stars, just empty space, and nothing. The name of this area is Kuiper Cliff.

C. Cooler part of Universe

In 2013, Europe\’s space satellite Planck discovered a part of the universe that was cooler than the rest,10,000 galaxies were missing in it, and its size was such that light took 1.8 billion years to cross it and that part was like a torn, missing piece of cloth! 

4- Dark meter

The first discovery in this regard was made in 1884 by Lord Kelvin. The same discovery was made by John Oort in 1932, then the same discovery was made by Fritz Zwicky in 1933. The discovery was that the weight which exists on some planets shows 400 times more than their own weight, but what is that extra weight? The object itself is not visible, so this invisible weight was named dark matter. 

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5 -Dark Energy

In 1998, a huge star called a supernova exploded, but it made a strange discovery. The star\’s fire was spreading in space much faster than it should have, and it was the only evidence of a force affecting our universe on a large scale. This force is 68% of our total universe, its nature is written unknown on Wikipedia, what does it look like? unknown. what things is it affecting? unknown.

and all we know is that it exists, but what is the purpose of such a great force? that\’s unknown.

Dark matter and dark energy together make up 85% of our universe. In other words, 85% of matter in-universe is unknown to us.

6 – Neutrino

In 2006, Peter Graham and his team were researching high-energy particles coming from space in the South Pole, Antarctica. During this time, his scientific machine Anita discovered particles called a neutrino, which are called the ghosts of nature. They do not communicate with anything in the universe and leave our entire earth as if it were not there, even though six and a half trillion neutrinos are passing through our bodies every second but they are not interacting with our body, and thankfully they are not, otherwise our blood temperature will reach to 4000 degrees Celsius. 

Where are they born? 

Only in events like the stars and the Big Bang. But the neutrinos detected by the machine called ANITA were coming from our land.

Is there any Parallel universe

All the phenomena discussed above seem meaningless to our earth and human beings. But the fact is opposite which is truly described by verse 27 of Surah Sad of the Qur\’an,

\”We did not create the heavens and the earth and all that is between them in vain.\” 

All the above scientific facts(sudden disappearance of objects in space, the simultaneous appearance of electrons in ten places instead of two, dark energy, dark matter, and neutrinos coming from the earth) perfectly show that the world other than ours is running parallel to us, right next to us, hidden from our eyes. And this invisible universe is called the parallel universe.

This concept is so old that it is mentioned almost in all religions and philosophies. However, the concept of other worlds is found in our Islam with great clarity. Rather, our Lord is called the \”Lord of the worlds\”, the Lord of more than one world.

Other evidence of Parallel Universe:

A. Universe beyond 3 dimensions:

What we see in our universe, what our machinery can see, as far as our sight can reach is called our Hubble volume and we can only study 15% of our Hubble volume because we are confined within three dimensions. Our total reach is limited only to the movement back and forth, up and down, right and left. Besides, there are such dimensions in our universe that the events that take place in it and the creatures that are found in it are beyond our comprehension. 

Bring in mind the incident when Abu Jahl got the news that the Holy Prophet was praying in the Masjid al-Haram, so he walked towards the Kaaba in anger and with intention of martyring the Prophet, when he came close to him, the people saw that suddenly he saved himself with his hands and moved backward. He later said that there was a huge ditch between me and Muhammad (SAW), strange horrible creatures, and many obstacles. And the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: 

\”If he had come near me, the angels would have snatched his herbs.\” 

We don\’t know which world was revealed before his eyes that his face turned pale and he ran away.

What creatures and events are taking place in our parallel world? Aren\’t giants and demons also present in a separate dimension?

You may have read in verse 27 of Surah A\’raf that the devils and their groups see you from where you do not see them. Of course, some worlds exist around us in different dimensions, but there may not be more than six dimensions in our universe because the laws of physics here are quite predictable. However, outside of our Hubble Volume, what dimensions and what laws of physics apply? We may not be able to think through science, and perhaps that is why it is stated in verse 33 of Surah Ar-Rahman: O groups of jinn and humans! If you have the power to get out of the heavens and the earth, get out! And you can\’t go out, except with special permission.

B. Evidence from Quran

The clearest glimpse of other worlds we find in Islam as compared to all other religions. Do you remember that Allah Almighty gave an example of a mosquito in a verse of Surah Al-Baqarah? The deniers mocked him saying, \”Why is Allah giving an example of such a small thing?\” And in the following verses, the answer is that Allah guides many with a small example. Are you familiar with accom’s razor, a principle of science and philosophy? It says that answer to a question is always find out by paying attention to little things. And so when we starte looking at the tiny unit of matter, the atoms, and electrons. We started to find traces that on this scale, our laws of physics seem to be flying. Here are the clues to other worlds and universes. 

C. Where and by whom is the antimatter used

An equal amount of matter and antimatter would have created during Big Bang, but where did antimatter go? nobody knows. At least not in this universe because if it were in our universe we would have known by now because as soon as matter and antimatter come in contact there is a powerful explosion from which very powerful gamma rays are emitted. 

But the altimeter is a reality and was first made in 1995 in the CERN laboratory but storing it for a long time is a difficult job.

Is it not in Surah Bani Isra\’il that We have made the children of Adam superior to many of Our creatures? Remember that the word \”many\” in the verse is used with the word creatures, which means \”superiority not over all creatures.\”

Writer: (kamy Khan)


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