SEPCO Online Bill – How to Check and Pay SEPCO Bill in 2022

SEPCO Online Bill – How to Check and Pay SEPCO Bill in 2022

SEPCO customers number in the millions and many of them want to check their invoices online. They also want to know how to pay their SEPCO Online Bill in 2022. If you\’re looking for information on how to download and print the SEPCO bill online in 2022, look no further.

People in metropolitan areas or locations where service may be delayed cannot rely solely on WAPDA employees. They can check their SEPCO bill and pay it online. The only thing you\’ll need is the reference number on your utility bill.

What is SEPCO?


Sukker Electric Power Electric Company (SEPCO) is an electric company. It supplies electricity to Sukkur and the surrounding areas. SEPCO is said to offer electricity to 50 million people in Sukkur.

How to check SEPCO Online Bill in 2022?

SEPCO customers who did not receive their bill on time or received it by mistake from a WAPDA employee can now examine their bill online. To check your SEPCO bill online, follow the steps below.

It would be preferable if you had access to the internet and went to the SEPCO website. Then, select Check SEPCO Bill Online from the drop-down menu.

The next step is to fill in the reference # field with your SEPCO electrical reference number. There are 14 digits in this number.

Click the submit button after you\’ve entered your electricity reference number.

Your most recent SEPCO electricity bill will appear on the screen following the steps above.

How to find the SEPCO electricity reference number?

You\’ll need your electricity reference number to verify or download your SEPCO electricity bill online. Every SEPCO customer has a unique electrical reference number. In addition, the electrical reference number has been modified. It is allowed to use simply a 14-digit electrical reference number.

The procedure for determining the SEPCO electrical reference number is outlined below.

On the electricity bill, you\’ll find the electricity reference number.

Open your prior SEPCO electricity bill if you have one.

The 14-digit number may be found in the top left corner, underlined in blue. That is the reference number for your electricity.

How to download and print SEPCO Bill?


Follow the steps below to get a copy of your duplicate SEPCO bill via the internet.

  • Open the SEPCO online bill 2022 official website.
  • When you first visit the site, you will notice a box. In this field, you must provide the reference number.
  • To finish, click the submit button. You\’ll be able to see your most recent bill.
  • You can get a print of your bill by hitting \”ctrl plus p.\”
  • You can also acquire a print of your electricity bill by clicking on the download or print option.

SPECO Online Bill payment methods in 2022

  • Using several payment methods, you may easily pay your SPECO bill online. The following is a list of some of them.
  • Jazz Cash and the Easypaisa app can be used to pay SEPCO invoices. You must, however, first download and install the programme.
  • According to the business, you can also pay your SEPCO account with your ATM or credit card.
  • The WAPDA-approved commercial banks are also permitted to pay SEPCO bills online.
  • You can also pay your bill using the SEPCO smartphone app. This is the most convenient way to pay your SEPCO bill online.

How to pay SEPCO Online Bill from your bank, Jazz Cash, and Easypaisa account?

You must first download and install the necessary mobile app on your phone to pay your bill online using your bank, Jazz Cash, or Easypaisa account. Follow the steps below after you\’ve downloaded and installed the application.

  • Log in to your Easypaisa/Bank/Jazz Cash account.
  • Pay the bill by pressing the \”Pay Now\” button.
  • Choose a new bill to pay and then \”electricity\” from the drop-down menu in the new window.
  • Enter your 14-digit reference number in the new window after pressing SEPCO. You can also scan the number on your utility bill.
  • It will display all of the data on your bill automatically. Continue to the next step to confirm your account payment.

Areas under SEPCO

SEPCO provides service to the following regions.

  • Ghotiki
  • Shah’s dad Kot Dado
  • Shikarpur
  • Jacobabad
  • Jamshoro
  • Shaheed Benazir Abad
  • Sukkur
  • Khairpur
  • Larkana

SEPCO bill helpline

SEPCO provides a helpline and allows customers to file complaints online. You can phone them and ask them about your bill if you have any questions. The following is their contact information:

071-9310795 is the phone number to call.

SEPCO also offers a service known as the SEPCO email service. When your SEPCO Online Bill is despatched from the centre, you will receive an email notification if you subscribe to the email service. You will also receive a message that your bill has been paid.


SEPCO service information, as well as checking and downloading SEPCO bills, are all available online. You can also learn how to pay your SEPCO Online Bill. Please let us know if you have any questions or encounter any problems.

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