People Are Getting Ready For Ramadan WIth Halal Pickup Lines

People Are Getting Ready For Ramadan WIth Halal Pickup Lines

People Are Getting Ready For Ramadan WIth Halal Pickup Lines

In the month of Ramadan, Shaitaan is supposed to be behind bars for this month. Many Ramadan Tv shows hosts (Amir Liaquat) give us sasti entertainment this month.  Everyone has a crush or special someone in their mind. In this month, you can\’t use desi pickup lines to get some attention. So, you come up with a halal pickup lines in Ramadan. 

1 – Are you water? Cause I can\’t live without you

Iftar is incomplete without water. This sasta joke or halal pickup lines for ramadan. His Iftar is incomplete without you.

2 – Baby, You are Iftar?

Another one pickup lines. We are thinking about Iftar all time. This line shows how important you are to me.  Crush and Iftar: So, close yet sp far away

3 – Can I Have Your Number So I Can Wake You Up for Sahoor?

When a flirt has some oh so noble Intentions.  

4 – I will Never Break Your Heat, I only Break My Fast

Every Relationship is incomplete without a fake promise. These pickup lines in Ramadan are incomplete without fake promises.

5 – Is It Eid Already Cause I See The Moon In Ur Eyes

Halal PickUp lines at its finest point

6 – Ramadan, The Only Month I have A Date Every Night 

If you are single and not going on a date with anyone. This pickup lines makes fun of that.

7 – When I first saw you, I said Ma Sha Allah

 First I saw You I said, Masha Allah. With these halal pickup lines, you can attract your crush. When I first saw you, I said Ma Sha Allah. And Since I keep, saying that and In Sha Allah, too.

8 – Are you Azan main Pani ka akhri ghoont? Because Isky bad ka ghoont gunah ha

We break our fast after Azan. These pickup lines you can use on your crush.

9 – Are you Dahi cuz you make my heart go ballay ballay

Ramadan is incomplete without dahi, especially in sehri time. This halal pickup lines is the best part of this.

10 – Are you pakora? Coz you\’re hot 🔥

This line is best for Pakora lover

Not everyone Fan of the Threat

 It Ramadan, you shouldn\’t have halal pickup lines or any funny lines

During the month of Ramadan, Muslims refrain from eating and drinking during fasting hours. Muslims are also encouraged to focus on their religious duties during the holy month and steer away from impermissible acts or frowned upon in Islam.


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