Public Criticism on Showering of Money In Wedding

Public Criticism on Showering of Money In Wedding

The wedding season is in full swing in Pakistan. Pakistanis enjoy planning extravagant weddings with strange rituals like showoffs and displays of wealth. Additionally, videos of brides and grooms from a few days ago became viral due to their strange and uncomfortable behavior. In one video, a groom made a funny face while blowing smoke in the bride’s face. In another video, a bride’s brother-in-law touched her knees and asked for money by tradition. Aside from this, expensive dances are also in the news, but Pakistanis are harmed the most by the practice of throwing money at weddings. A video of a wedding in Mandi Bahhauddin that has gone viral shows the bride’s or groom’s relatives throwing money from a rooftop while onlookers grab it. Consider watching the video Showering of Money In Wedding:

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The family received criticism from the public for flaunting their wealth. As one commenter put it, “That’s how the country’s colonial powers play with them for their enjoyment when the impoverished are striving for sustenance.” “Proves the argument – money can’t ever buy class,” another Instagram user remarked. According to them, Pakistan has the worst economic situation, and people are reportedly begging for wheat and throwing money. Many said they could use this money to arrange weddings for orphans or the needy. Check out the comments:

Public Criticism on Showering of Money In Wedding

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