6 Single People Problems During Winter

6 Single People Problems During Winter

Winter is the season for coffee dates and swiping your boyfriend\’s hoodies, after all. But I wouldn\’t know about all of that because I am forever single, which is especially terrible during this time of year. I just realized that I am not the only one who suffers from this chronic ailment. Many people may sympathize, so I decided to list everything that SUCKS about being single during the most romantic season of the year. So grab a box of tissues since some of these things may bring back memories of your suffering. here are Single People Problems during winter.

Winter is a season for snuggling up with a good book. When you\’re single, however, snuggling is a little more difficult. But just because you\’re single doesn\’t mean you have to sit by the window, looking out at the world as a lonely dog. There\’s plenty to keep you occupied and engaged during the winter months.

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Single People Problems

1 – You Have No One To Cuddle

One of the most emotional feelings is being single. You have no one to cuddle, Except for your trusty pillow.

2 – Your Blanket Is Your Only Source Of Warmth

Your evenings are spent as a burrito. Here’s to evenings of Netflix and chilling on your own.

3 – You Can\’t Hold Someone Hand

You can\’t hold someone else\’s warm hands to get your own hands warm. What is the worst part of being bae less for you?

4 – No stolen hoodies for single people

You know those memes about stealing your boyfriend’s hoodie because they smell like him and what not? Yeah, can’t relate.

5 – No romantic walks in the fog (smog?) for single people

Just those sad ones you take alone when you want to hide the fact that you are crying from your family.

6 – Sick of Being the kebab mein haddi

Even if it doesn’t obviously feel like it, Single People Problems are sick of being the kebab mein haddi. All your couple friends go out together and you’re the odd one out.




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