Skills Are More Important Than Education For Future Planning

Skills Are More Important Than Education For Future Planning

Students are the future of every country because you can change the world with your bright, talent, knowledge. People still face issues in future planning these factors make the world stronger with your creativity and talent. But now the sad part is that even though we are so skilled at technology. But still, this is not being utilized. Moreover, it is getting abused, which distracts young minds from using their mentality in the right direction to realize and recognize the value of their life. We all know that how to choose a career and the right career option is important for a person because his or her whole life depends on further planning. Make them recognize the value of their determination towards their career choice because complete life depends on this decision. 

Personal Experience Lack Of Career Counseling

When I started my career, we didn\’t have so many choices. It was reasonably straight forward. I studied Science in class XII, went for studying Science (statistics, Economics, Math) first and then moved to Computer Science. After completed my graduation in computer science, and I realize I\’m in the wrong direction.  

I had very little awareness of careers. My career has evolved over some time. It was neither planned nor driven by a goal. Many of my peers and friends had similar experiences. Very few had set goals and plans.

We didn\’t have the Internet. The world was much more local. There were very few global companies. There were very few choices. I have no personal experience in the computer field because, in Pakistan, most colleges, not practical approaches, only focus on book reading. Students are blank in our area after complete our degree. I have only one field as a job is teaching in school. I teach a few months in school. Then I realize it\’s not a long term plan I would not achieve my career plan and dream job. Then I decide to work on future planning.

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Career Selection

Career selection is a lot more difficult today, with multifold increases in choices and competition. There is so much more awareness, aspirations, and opportunities. More the options more are the confusion.

The other problem of career selection is the lack of certainty and predictability of Future Planning income. We want a secured, stable job with a growing salary and post-retirement pension. We also want to follow our passion, do what we like to do, don\’t want to work like a slave, and so on. Unfortunately, none of the jobs provides all these things. Hence come to the trade-offs. Every trade-off is painful and stresses the creator.

Making career decisions is very difficult today and may become worse with time. It perhaps needs a paradigm shift in our thinking about careers. Try not to imitate your parent\’s profession. Try to adapt to the needs of the current world. There is, and there would be no shortage of work to do. We need to be ready for designing our career on the go, instead of designing it once and enjoying it for a lifetime.

I chose my career in the law field, and i complete a degree in 3 years, and then I received my professional license Punjab bar and Lahore bar, but I\’m still jobless due to Covid 19 lockdown. In the pandemic, I am working on freelancing online jobs and enhance my skill.

Importance Of Career Counseling

 We could see that people are not satisfied with their jobs. However, if they want to start a business, many of them fail, and finally, what they think the only option left is to do what is available at the moment as there is no better option left. 

People give full attention to their job, but their internal dissatisfaction is not pursuing what you were looking forward to doing in life. Many countries like Pakistan, people are still dependent on their parents even after 18 plus of age. So at the initial stage & every stage of your life, your parents will have captivating expectations from you. Due to which they see every successful being in you whether it\’s an engineer, doctor, lawyer, actor, government officer, and almost anything that you could expect. future planning is nothing children dependent on their parents decision.

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Why Choosing The Best Career Could be the Most Important and difficult Decision of Your Life?

The value of choosing a career in life is important, so choosing a career demands to be done very carefully, as your future planning mainly depends on the decision you choose. 

Essential Factors in Choosing a Career

Though there are some necessary factors in choosing a career, the most important one would be your interest or passion. Picking a wrongful career strength helps you earn enough. But you will never be able to enjoy your work. You will have a lot of ideas, but you will finally be left with only two options at the end. Skills are more important for future planning

Move according to society and be a follower

 Take charge and do what you like

Career and Future planning

     A career plan or future planning is a procedure that you’ll consistently increase to achieve your progression and learning. The main objective is to provide a guideline to the person who plans our career visualize the steps they want to take to achieve their career purposes and set these efforts into exercise.

The four levels of career planning are:

  • Distinguish your abilities & interests
  • Review career ideas
  • Make a conclusion
  • Fixed attainable dreams.

1 – Self-Assessment Your Interests and Skills 

Choosing a career is a huge deal. You initially want to identify yourself. It signifies catching stock of their abilities or evaluating their preferences and interests. It’s essential to know their variety of abilities moreover awareness. They can recognize if they’re suitable for the job there like to take. Being conscious of the experiences they have also bettered highlight skills that may want to fill to accomplish their aims. You need to self-assessment then work on future planning.

2 – Make a List of Possible Professions 

After leading some self-assessment, it should be visible the varieties of careers you should seek. It is impossible to explore each one, so the program’s list should be utilized to determine where to begin your career exploration. Pick 5 to 6 professions and create a table with these choices. When making your choices, select jobs that interest you, are suggested following career assessment tests and suit your ability set.

3 – Make a List of Possible Professions 

After leading some self-assessment, it should be visible the varieties of careers you should seek. It is impossible to explore each one, so the program’s list should be utilized to determine where to begin your career exploration. Pick 5 or 10 professions and create a current list with these choices. When making your choices, select jobs that interest you, are suggested following career assessment tests, and ones suiting your ability set.

4 – Search The Suitable Options 

Discover specific desirable profession after selecting your program. Be assured to ascertain institutional or training demands, work responsibilities, employment opportunities, yearly earnings, and improvement chances. Information can obtain from the Internet and decide to engage with a professional in a particular field to find in-depth details about an individual profession. it helps in how choose career.

5 – Make a Decision

Now able to begin getting their decisions. Combine what they learned about ourselves in self-assessment with what they found about your choices and the market’s job demand.

To aid a decision, ask self the following questions:

  • Will I enjoy visiting the office all day?
  • Does it satisfy the greatest of my choices?
  • Begin, I have the correct professions?
  • Prepares the firm to fit with my preferences?

 If they are still fighting to conclude how choose career, there are several exercises they can seek to support in the decision-making process. Preparing the pros and cons of a suitable job or career is usually beneficial, as is achieving its SWOT review:

  • Powers 
  • Faults 
  • Chances 

There’s Lots of Support Available to help you decide. Look to:

Fellowship websites

Relatives and colleagues

Paper articles

Expert parties and management 


Keep in mind that you’ll suited to more than one career, and now Pakistan most of the job holder work on skills today’s job seekers usually change careers more than once in their practical life. The key to being employable can adapt and learn new skills. In Pakistan, many motivational speakers and freelancers motivate them to work on new skills and degrees. Career Counseling is one of our youth’s basic needs; most of the students don’t know what they should do and what their hidden Talent is and how choose career. Qasim Ali Shah, a leading trainer & Career Counselor, is counseling the Pakistani youth to help them discover their Talent. Everyone should work on your skill and technical approach to become a success in our life.

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Set Achievable Goals

The Ultimate Step of the Career Planning Process Requires You to Take Action.

 career plan should describe how they get to where they want to be, what actions are demanding and when, and distributed into the short and long-term goals. Frequently review the progress, especially after each short-term goal is attain. Student faces difficulty in how choose career.

It would support if you also discovered a Future career advancement plan, in case they situation changes. Outline multiple alternative ways to their long-term goal, acknowledging how they defeat the varieties of difficulties you might face – preparation requirements, for illustration – at each step.

Skills to Become a Career

Your talents and great career dilemmas already in the market. Pakistan is not well and balances when it comes to our education system. We have brilliant students or learners, but we mostly lack excellent educators. Most of the institutes did not focus on practical training, only focus on book reading. However, it is a definite asset of the nation that gives the best approach to forming a teenager’s career. The most difficult to how choose career in Pakistan.


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