Smart Lockdown Shopping is More Important than Life

Smart Lockdown Shopping is More Important than Life
Smart Lockdown Shopping is More Important than Life

To support the needy and the impoverished, the government recently decided to ensue smart lockdown as a support mechanism. Daily wagers and families dependent upon a single source of income for sustenance are those who have suffered the most during the COVID-19 lockdown. The plan was to track cases and monitor people through technology and to bring every hospital on board through a web portal. But this step was taken because the authorities believed that people would be careful and ensure precautionary measures.

Rubina Ashraf shifted to ICU

Despite government support, people have been nothing but oblivious and careless in their actions. Hoards of people are running around markets and shopping despite several warnings. Despite knowing our only defense against the virus is to maintain social distancing. However, people have paid no heed to this. By the looks of it, shopping is more important than risking our lives? Or wearing new clothes has taken precedence over people’s wellbeing? Any of the scenarios, as mentioned earlier, ensues a gloomy future ahead if we do not understand the severity of the global pandemic.

People have been blaming the government for their shortcomings and have blatantly ignored how important it is to act responsibly with people going about their business with zero precedences to precautionary measures. I believe the government will force to consider their decision again and ensue a smart lockdown.


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