Tasbeeh On The Finger Of Sajal Aly Without A Scarf Sparks Criticism

Tasbeeh On The Finger Of Sajal Aly Without A Scarf Sparks Criticism

Recently, Sajal Aly has become the topic of much discussion. Whether it was her sexy photo assignments, the mess she got into with her ex or her superb acting abilities. Aly always manages to stay out of the spotlight. The Yaqeen Ka Safar star recently sparked a lot of discussions online. The internet is flooded with a photo of Sajal holding a Tasbeeh On The Finger.


Tasbeeh On The Finger

The moral brigade could not help but condemn the actress to the fullest degree because her head was not covered, and the diva was sporting a short shirt. Ibadah has a specific protocol to follow, so carrying Tasbeeh in hand while wearing western clothing is contradictory, according to internet users.

The moral brigade disapproved of Zikar\’s ways and insisted that Ibadah should be performed with the utmost respect. They claimed that a Zikar is incomplete without a scarf or dupatta.


Even though they love her, they won\’t approve of a Tasbeeh without a scarf.




Pakistani actress Sajal Aly is well known for portraying various roles in various serials, including modern social dramas and love stories. Sajal made her debut on television in 2009 in a little part of the comedy-drama Nadaaniyaan on Geo TV. She won recognition for her breakthrough performance in the 2011 family drama Mehmoodabad Ki Malkain on ARY Digital. She then gained notoriety for playing protagonists in several popular television shows and Bollywood films.

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