MPA’s Sister Makes TikTok Video in Sindh Assembly

MPA’s sister makes TikTok Video in Sindh Assembly

PTI MPA Dua Bhutto recently made into heaps of trouble for making a series of blunders. Initially, the respectable MPA allowed her sister to come to the Sindh Assembly during this continuous pandemic, especially when the rule made to make sure no more than 25 people are in the assembly at the same time. However, as exciting that was, the story didn’t end there. No. The beautiful sister also contributed her share by making a Tiktok video and posting it to get viral.

Dua Bhutto Accepts Her Blunders

It not only sends a poor image but also questions the security and safety of the people. More, it seems that anyone can enter into the assembly and do anything without the premise of being punished or penalized for their actions. Although, just after the video went viral and the netizens started to ask questions. Dua Bhutto has come out and admitted her blunders. However, the statement put forward by Dua Bhutto is still questionable, and people are asking her out on her stance.

In a nutshell, most people think that maybe it is the inadequacy of ministers and MNA’s that is making Prime Minister Imran Khan face such harsh criticism. There is no denying that from introducing 19 points of COVID-19 to relatives creating Tiktok videos. The ministers of the PTI government are causing Prime Minister Imran Khan a lot of unneeded burdens, provided that there is still so much more to do to get Pakistan back on its footing.


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