What Is Tim Hortons Pakistan? Tim Hortons Menu in Lahore

What Is Tim Hortons Pakistan Tim Hortons Menu in Lahore

Tim Hortons Menu in Lahore: Canadian restaurant company Tim Hortons is well-known for its coffee, donuts, and ties to the country’s culture. Tim Horton (1930–1974), a defenseman for the Toronto Maple Leafs, cofounded the company with Jim Charade, a businessman from Montréal. In April 1964, Hamilton, Ontario, saw the opening of the first Tim Hortons doughnut shop. As of 2016, Tim Hortons operated 3,665 locations nationwide, making it Canada’s largest restaurant chain. Tim Hortons was acquired by Wendy’s, an American fast-food company, in 1995. The two companies collaborated until 2006. The chain was once more acquired by a foreign corporation in 2014, this time by the Burger King-owning Brazilian company 3G Capital. Tim Hortons continues to be a Canadian cultural icon despite foreign control.

What Is Tim Hortons Pakistan

In Lahore, Tim Hortons has opened its first location in Pakistan and is currently taking orders.

At one of Lahore’s most popular places, there were long lines of consumers waiting to purchase a coffee on Saturday, Feb. 11.

What Is Tim Hortons Pakistan Tim Hortons Menu in Lahore
The restaurant has grown to become Pakistan’s largest and first drive-thru coffee shop, with more than 150 seats and 8,000 square feet of space. The brand’s original Canadian concept influenced the establishment’s design.

Under an exclusive contract with Blue Foods (Pvt.) Ltd., a well-known Canadian company, launched its operations in Pakistan.

According to reports, the second and third Tim Hortons locations in Gulberg Lahore will open for business on February 18 and 25, respectively.

You may buy the chain’s renowned specialty drinks, like the French Vanilla and Iced Caps, baked products like the “Timbuts,” or traditional doughnuts, and sandwiches and wraps.

Additionally, Tim Hortons customers in Pakistan will get the first-ever opportunity to win free coffee for a year, with more than 200 lottery draws taking place weekly.

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According to Hasan Mansoor, managing director of Blue Foods (Pvt) Limited, we decided in May 2022 to open several Tim Hortons locations in Pakistan over the following few years.

Tim Hortins Menu And Price

Hot and Cold Beverages 

Tims Classic

French Vanilla Small


Medium French Vanilla


French Vanilla Large


Hot Chocolate Small


Medium Hot Chocolate


Hot Chocoate Large


Brewed Coffee 

Brewed Coffee 

S 350  M 400  L 450

Cold onlyBrewed Coffee 

 S 550  M 630  L 700

Cold Brew

S 400  M 480  L 550

Vanilla Cream Clod Brew

S 550 M 630 L 700

Double Double

S 350 M 400 L 450

Freshly Prepared Food Sandwishes

Grilled Chicken Cheese Jalapeno 

RS 750

Criled Chicken Cheese Tikka 

RS 750

Grilled Cheese

RS 600

Lahori Bhajhi 

RS 600

Wraps Paninis

 Chicken Caesar Wrap

RS 750

Chicken Jalapeno Wrap

RS 750

Chicken Chipotle Wrap

RS 750

Chicken Coesar Panini

RS 750

Chicken Jalapeno Panini

RS 750

Baked Desserts

Butter Croissant

RS 450

Chocolate Croissant

Rs 450 

Pistachio Croissant

RS 500

Muffin Croissant

RS 450


RS 300

Fresh Beaked Treats



RS 290


RS 350


RS 330



RS 90

 Pack Of 10

RS 810

Pack Of 20

RS 1530

Best Tim Hortins Drinks   

Time Hortons is opening its branch in Lahore this month. So here we are sharing 5 drinks you can order at Tim Hortons and will never regret. To see the list of drinks here                 

  • Ice Cappuccino
  • Pumpkin Spice Latte
  •  Frozen Hot Chocolate
  • French Vanilla
  • Iced Coffee 

What Is Tim Hortons Pakistan Tim Hortons Menu in Lahore

Tim Hortons Contact Number

The number is share here for you 0321 6577766

Tim Hortons Address

Gulberg Branch

Gulberg Branch 3 Main Mehmood Ali Kasoor Rd A3 Gulberg 3 Lahore Punjab

DHA Branch

DHA Phase 6 Sector J DHA 6 Lahore Punjab



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