Top 10 Pakistani Fashion Designers In 2023

Top 10 Pakistani Fashion Designers In 2023
Top 10 Pakistani Fashion Designers In 2021

Fashion is a language of mind, body, and soul. It is not just wearing clothes but yet it a lifestyle which means celebrations and one should celebrate everything. Some Top 10 Pakistani Fashion Designers will be recognized for their talent, originality, and perseverance. These designers are at the forefront of the fashion business, pushing the boundaries and influencing how we all dress. Each designer has a distinct aesthetic, from the ever-present Faiza Saqlain pishwas to Hussain Rehar\’s bold modern cuts. In the workshops of these magicians, the most adored and majestic designer gowns are worn by celebrities and influencers worldwide are created. These gifted Pakistani designers have encouraged the next generation to continue their tradition and make Pakistan\’s fashion industry a global success. Every single one of their designs sells out in a couple of seconds.

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Top 10 Pakistani Fashion Designers

Designers such as Ali Xeeshan, Fahad Hussayn, and Zara Shahjahan have built empires in Pakistan\’s fashion sector. On red carpets, destination weddings, and other big occasions, their work can be seen. Iqra Aziz\’s Lux Style Awards red carpet appearance was stunning. This outfit, which featured a glittery cape and hand-painting, exemplified Xeeshan\’s characteristic drama. Fahad Hussayn also designed Komal Baig\’s stunning wedding gown.

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1 – HSY


Hassan Sheheryar Yasin, better known by his initials \”HSY,\” began his career as a choreographer and stylist in the Pakistani fashion business in 1994. He graduated from the Pakistan School of Fashion Design in 2000 and immediately entered the fashion industry with his label, \”HSY.\” HSY was one of the first brands to build a name for itself in Pakistan and beyond. Yasin\’s designs were inspire by the complex, traditional craftsmanship and materials used in Pakistan. He combined new, contemporary designs and silhouettes to create collections that appeal to a wide range of generations. His designs are notable for combining heritage with modernity to create completely ageless clothing. He was dubbe the \”New King of Couture\” by Harper\’s Bazaar Magazine.

HSY creates couture runway pieces, formal and bridal collections for men and women and operates 14 popular stores in Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates, the United States, Saudi Arabia, and the United Kingdom. He is one of the Top 10 Pakistani Fashion Designers.

2 –  Zainab Chottani 


In 2010, Zainab Chottani collaborated with Fariha Altaf to launch her first bridal line. Although she is most known for her bridal gowns, she was one of the first bridal-only designers to delve into the field of casual ready-to-wear clothing in 2012. Her labels Aqua and Mera Pakistan specialize in ready-to-wear clothing, and her \”Zainab Chottani label\” now includes lawn, pret, formal dress, casual wear, and bridal collections.

Her Swarovski line is one of the most distinctive items she has to offer. Swarovski stones would used instead of local ones in the embroidery and work you want on your clothes in this collection. Most of her dresses are made-to-order, and she customizes the design, craftsmanship, and even colors to meet the desires of her clients, making her one of Pakistan\’s most popular designers.

3 – Bunto Kazmi

Anyone familiar with Pakistani fashion is familiar with the term \”Bunto Kazmi.\” She took over the company from her mother-in-law, Sughra Kazmi, and spun it into even more prosperity. Bunto Kazmi isn\’t known for putting on many fashion presentations. As a result, whenever you see her work on brides, it\’s like you\’ve never seen anything like it. Her signature is the \”Farshi Sharara,\” formerly a part of Mughal fashion but has since lost to time. She has brought it back, and most of her bridal creations now include one of these.

She creates her gowns by asking women for their favorite color palette and a broad notion of the cut they desire; the rest, she creates for unique brides using them as inspiration. Bunto Kazmi stands out from the rest of her fraternity because of this. She considers as one of the Top 10 Pakistani Fashion Designers.

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4 – Nomi Ansari


Nomi Ansari is consider a pioneer in the field of modern bridal dress in Pakistan. He founded the company in 2001, and throughout the next two decades, he created works that set him apart from the competition.

Nomi Ansari is note for his use of bright colours in his designs. He takes aspects from traditional Pakistani fashion and combines them with one-of-a-kind embroidery to create a design with current cuts. He was also one of the first men\’s fashion designers to develop colourful and unusual apparel. Most Pakistani couples turn to him when they\’re getting married because they may purchase matching costumes that are made to complement one other all in one place.

5 –  Deepak Parwani


For most of his career, Deepak Parwani worked only for Pret. He consented when his clients requested him to design their wedding gowns as well. He\’s currently one of the country\’s most well-known bridal designers!

He says he concentrates on keeping his designs sleek and edgy while incorporating elements from old Mughal dress, Pakistani fashion, and modern contemporary fashion to produce each of his outfits! For both men and women, he creates everything from casual to bridal wear.

He also owns the world record for constructing the world\’s largest kurta, a 175-foot long kurta constructed from 800 yards of fabric, and is considered one of Pakistan\’s greatest men\’s apparel brands. Deepak Parwani is the man to call when you want something out of the ordinary. He is one of the Top 10 Pakistani Fashion Designers.

6 – Zara Shahjahan


Zara Shahjahan has always been a well-known designer for ready-to-wear clothing, but her formal and bridal designs blew everyone away. The natural world influences her designs. In her creations, she incorporates flowers and birds and calming colours and unusual modern cuts and embroidery. She claims that she want her garments to be elegant and stylish while also being wearable. Her company is now one of Pakistan\’s largest premium/luxury clothing companies.

7 – Maria B

We have seen the exponential expansion of designer lawn since Maria B was one of the early pioneers. Maria B has become a household name in the fashion business, with labels ranging from everyday casual to bridal formals. Maria B offers everyone a wide range of goods to pick from, including kidswear, couture, and inexpensive clothes. Thanks to her strong social media presence, Maria has established herself as one of Pakistan\’s most influential female designers. Maria B consider as Top 10 Pakistani Fashion Designers list.

Her designs are attractive and capture the essence of eastern traditions despite their simplicity. Maria B debuted her \”Estelle\” bridal collection, which featured stunning modern items with contemporary handwork. This assortment was ideal for today\’s bride. M prints are her unstitched lawn collection, which features feminine patterns with flower embroidery on high-quality lawn cloth. M essentials are her low-cost pre-wedding outfits.

8 – Sana Safinaz

Sana Safinaz\’s timeless beauty and grace have dominated the fashion industry for decades. The label\’s collections are known for their style, modernity, and freshness, appealing to women of all ages. Sana Safinaz\’s brands include everything from unstitched grass to Haute Couture. The unstitched lawn can be seen everywhere during the summer, and their haute couture designs are always in high demand. The brand was found in 1989, and the duo has been controlling the market ever since. Sana Safinaz debuted \”Kurnool,\” a block-printed lawn series that honored our handmade traditions while incorporating traditional aesthetics.

It was designe with gentle pastel tones and soothing fabric with colorful block motifs, paying homage to timeless elegance. Their Bridal Collection is ideal for the elegant bride. Sana Safinaz was nominate for the best designer in the bridal, retail, and lawn categories this year. Turkish designs and needlework influenced their \”Acaia Diffusion Couture\’21.\” It featured items that were beautifully adorne with Swarovski crystals, sequins, and pearls. Their well-known \”Muzlin\” lawn series is a reasonably priced, high-quality lawn with brilliant colors and modern designs.

9 – Asim Jofa

Asim Jofa comes from a long line of jewelry designers. He and his brother joined together in 1993 to open their jewelry store in Karachi, and their partnership lasted a decade before ending in 2003. By 2009, Jofa had concluded that he want to be a fashion designer. He decided to change fields and convert his jewelry store into a clothing store after being inspire by the lawn designs all around him.

In 2013, he moved to London\’s St Martin\’s School of Arts to further his design education. He refreshed his lawn collections and added pret and bridals to his brand when he returned to Pakistan with his polished skills! Every year, he designs and presents at least 12 collections! Making his brand one of Pakistan\’s most popular. Asim make his place on Top 10 Pakistani Fashion Designers

10-  Ali Xeeshan


Ali Xeeshan earned a distinction from the Pakistan Institute of Fashion Design. He\’s also complete several fashion design courses in Paris and Germany. He showed his first collection at the PFDC Fashion Show in 2010 and received a lot of positive feedback for his distinctive designs. Since then, he\’s been going strong.

The Mughal dynasty influences Ali\’s designsy. He uses a combination of thick and elaborate needlework in all of his creations. He frequently employs velvet, which has become something of a signature for him. His short sherwani jackets are highly popular among grooms when it comes to bridal clothing. He\’s also known for his ready-to-wear formal dress collections, which he\’s been at the top of for the previous ten years.


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