Meet Umar Farooq an Inspirational Pakistani Entrepreneur

Meet Umar FarOoq An Inspirational Pakistani Entrepreneur
Meet Umar FarOoq An Inspirational Pakistani Entrepreneur

Starting a business is not difficult, but preserving its integrity maximizes its return on investment and expands it to the next level. That is why successful entrepreneurs believe that establishing a business is not a toy until you understand how difficult to swim against the current. It is insufficient to have enthusiasm and determination. This field necessitates a chess player\’s thinking and understanding of playing well in the sixty-four squares. A Pakistani entrepreneur who began with nothing, scraps, or a little money with handwork becomes successful. 

The youngster has earned a lot more than usual adults do in such a short period. Umar Farooq, the young sensation in the Digital Marketing field, has proved that hard work can pay off if you are passionate enough about your work. Umar is currently 26 years old and has made 9 million in the past two years due to his online business success. He\’s also an agile social activist and a sportsman.

Started With Nothing

A man started from nothing and became the owner of one of the top sportswear online store, \”The Shoppies\” in Pakistan. He is Umar Farooq, and his hardworking team makes the company one of the leading sportswear eCommerce companies in Pakistan.

Who Is Umar Farooq?


Umar Farooq is emerging as a well-known name for highlighting successful Pakistani Entrepreneurs. Born in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, this Lahore resident became an inspiration for his fellows. He belongs to a Middle-class family and wanted to do something more than doing a 9 to 5 orthodox job. He wants to start his own business. 

After completing his graduation in 2016, he created an online store and started earning. He also did his MHRM at University of the Punjab, Lahore. Umar is one of those emerging entrepreneurs in Pakistan who have successfully bridged the gap between physical stores to customers. Initially, he sold customized products then started his sportswear. After success at The Shoppies, Umar began his new clothing and sports brands, Version XI and VXI Pink


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Importance of Goal Setting in Life

He set a goal dedicated himself to learning skills. He chose Digital Marketing as the primary field and started developing himself in it. After successfully getting hold on Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), he recently started his digital marketing agency VXI Digital in Lahore. Hard work, dedication, and continuous hard work pay off in 5 years now; he owns five different companies in Pakistan.

Umar\’s advice to youngsters is to establish their enterprises instead of getting a job.

“You can become immortal by contribution to the society that take care of generations\”

 – Umar Farooq


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