5 Urdu Novels Famous Every One Should Read

5 Urdu Novels Famous Every One Should Read

Books are a reader\’s closest friend, and Urdu books, without a doubt, are an excellent approach to improve your literary skills. Many Urdu novels famous are so inspirational that they would leave an indelible mark on your life. Romance has long been a popular topic with Pakistanis, whether in literature or film. If you\’re a bibliophile, you\’re aware that these books have caused people to value both physical and spiritual love. Novelists such as Umera Ahmed, Nimra Ahmed, Farhat Ishtiaq, and others are well-known for their inspirational works.

Here are a few of the best Urdu novels famous are ever written that you should read:


Peer-e-Kamil means “Perfect Mentor” in English. Umera Ahmed wrote one of the best novels ever. It\’s a novel about spirituality and religion. This novel will make you feel like you\’re reading it for the first time, no matter how many times you read it. The tale is incredible, and the characters are all well-developed. Salaar and Imama, two people with contrasting Islamic origins, are at the center of the plot. Imama is a medical student in college. Her family is of the Ahmedi sect, however, she eventually began to question her views and began to follow the path of Islam. 

This is the point at which her journey towards a great love for ALLAH and his Prophet (PBUH) begins, with many trials and tribulations along the route. Salaar, on the other hand, is the polar opposite. He is a member of the Islamic faith, but he is entirely unappreciative of his blessings. He is a very liberal individual who does not believe in Islam. The characters\’ development throughout the novel is unsettling. In this work, Umera Ahmed has surpassed her already impressive writing abilities. Peer-e-Kamil is of the Urdu novels famous.

Jannat K Pattay

We have a special place in our hearts for this book. Nimra Ahmed has authored a masterpiece novel. Jannat k Pattay is a romantic, exciting, and suspenseful novel. Every piece of conversation is superbly written, and the plot is incredible. The story begins with the main heroine “Haya” and her journey to embrace the genuine Islamic path, in which she confronts many problems and obstacles. 

Despite the criticism from her friends and family, she refused to take off her hijab. She has a commanding presence and a powerful personality. Later in the story, the main character \”Cihan Sikandar\” is also featured. Jahan Sikandar is a gorgeous young man. He has a captivating personality that will linger in the minds of readers for a long time. The two main protagonists are tied by a childhood ‘nikah,’ a strong marriage relationship that plays a significant role in the plot. Jannat kay pattay tackles a number of themes in Asian/ Pakistani society, all of which are intertwined with cultural intricacies. There are so many riddles in this novel that you\’ll be guessing every minute.

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Farhat Ishtiaq is a Pakistani author, scriptwriter, and writer. When it comes to romance novels, she is an expert. Humsafar is an example of how she displays love artistically. It is a social romantic, and formal novel created about a husband and wife\’s relationship. Ishtiaq says that a solid bond requires more than simple affection. To strengthen that link, you must have confidence and trust in each other. While the couple in the story is estranged, they tolerate each other for the sake of their ailing kid. Humsafar is the best Urdu novels famous

The narrative teaches readers that love for a kid has the power to bring people together. It also emphasizes the need for confidence and trust.


Umera Ahmed has created another masterpiece. This work tells the narrative of a soul\’s transformation. In contrast to the change for the better, the metamorphosis is from good to awful in this story. It shows how a simple deed that others deem hilarious can wreck someone\’s life. The story centers around \”Mehr,\” a pious girl, and \”Murad,\” a rebellious westernized boy, and how one big error resulted in the separation of two loves, destroying their lives in the process. It appears to be a standard romance novel at first, but the mystery will shift your perspective as you read on. Do you want to know more about the plot? To satiate your curiosity by reading this well-known novel!


This book is a must-read for all bookworms. Hashim Nadeem\’s spiritual novel Abdullah is one of his greatest. A voyage from Ishq-e-Majaazi to Ishq-e-Haqiqi is the main plot. This book is about love, spirituality, and Sufism. A self-discovery trip and a roadmap to discovering your actual self. The plot begins like any other typical romance novel, but it is far more than that. In this work, the author Hashim transports you to a universe where love is more than just a union of two bodies. It is a universe where love entails seeking for and reaching your beloved\’s soul. You will experience a wide range of emotions while reading the book. It\’s such a pure novel, and it\’s worth reading. Abdullah one of the best Urdu novels famous

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