Manufacturing Of Ventilators In Pakistan Can Give New Life To dying Economy

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The Pakistani government announced the 2020- 2021 budget to guide the country through the coronavirus pandemic and related Pakistan economic crisis. After the budget announcement, the international community was thinking about it. Can Pakistan handle the double crisis of COVID-19 and a struggling economy? The pandemic of coronavirus has done immense damage to the world.  However, Not only Pakistan all over the world economy badly effects because of COVID. In fighting the pandemic, ventilators hold a key position. Unfortunately, Pakistan is one of the countries, which lacks the needy medical equipment. However, Pakistan has successfully launched its own ventilators. After the manufacture of ventilators, the Pakistan economy boost it also increases in the export of the country.

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What is Ventilator And How It Help Corona Patient?

In the corona pandemic, ventilators, the medical devices that help patients breathe, are highly sought after and hard to find – but they are not always successful. According to the WHO, one in six COVID-19 patients becomes seriously ill and has difficulty in breathing. That’s because lungs are the main battleground in Corona infections, which can cripple breathing functions. Total 13,376,558 corona patients in the world and 880,000 more ventilators needed to cope with coronavirus outbreak. However, according to the WHO report, most patients recover from corona without any medical treatment.

Use Of Ventilator

A ventilator is used for those patients who are unable to breathe. Those corona patients suffering from lung failure, ventilators artificially help transport oxygen inside the body as the COVID mainly affects the lungs and respiratory system. So, A ventilator is helping some of the patients to get back to life.

With the help of a mask of a helmet, air goes via a ventilator into the humans. Moreover, if the problem is more serious, some patients need a breathing tube known as the endotracheal tube inserted into the windpipe via nose or mouth. In a more difficult situation, a tube is inserted in one’s neck, known as a tracheostomy. Currently, 1,503 ventilators are available at government hospitals treating COVID-19 patients. However, Ventilators help to decrease the pakistan economy crisis.

Top Economies Who Manufacturing Ventilators

The USA, China New Zealand, and Ireland are the top manufacturing country in the world. Philips, Colin Keogh, these 2 countries are top who recently work on ventilators. According to the report South Sudan, Syria, Venezuela, and Yemen, these 3 countries have a shortage of ventilators. the organization says such countries are likely to face a “double emergency,” with the direct impact of COVID-19 playing havoc on humanitarian, economic.

African Country who Have No Ventilator Facilities

Africa has not yet had a major outbreak of coronavirus, but it is almost surely. When it does come, African healthcare systems will strain badly, even worse than those in Asia, Europe, & the United States have been given its respective resources, capacities, and access to sophisticated technology.

According to the report The Atlantic, many African nation-states have virtually no ventilators on hand whatsoever. Ten countries literally have none at all; Sierra Leone has only 13 ventilators, Liberia three, and South Sudan four.

Manufacturing Ventilators In Pakistan

A ventilator is a \”complicated machine, and not many countries in the world can make this.\” Pakistan is one of the countries that start its own machine. Now Pakistan can meet its own need for ventilators and would also be able to export the equipment. Pakistan has begun manufacturing oxygenators that 80pc of Covid-19 patients require as part of their treatment for the first time and making ventilators using indigenous technology.

Volunteers are doctors, biomedical professionals, diaspora, engineers, academics, resource mobilisers, & other smaller groups. Who aims to make use of 3D printing to manufacture ventilators, valves, and required equipment for the frontline response to the coronavirus.

The ventilator production unit and handed over the first batch of \’\’SafeVent SP100\’SP100\’ portable ventilators to the national disaster management agency. 

The School of Biomedical and Engineering and Sciences and Attaur Rehman School of Applied Biosciences, both constituent colleges of the National University of Science and Technology (Nust), began work on eye protection shields, personal protection equipment (PPE) and Covid-19 testing equipment according to World Health Organisation (WHO) standards. Nust is on the final stage of introducing the COVID-19 test Kit. However, All these products, when manufacturing in Pakistan, help boost Pakistan economy.

Made in Pakistan

Our neighboring country Pakistan which grapples with multiple problems including an unprecedented economic crisis accelerated by the COVID-19 outbreak has now given a call for ‘buying locally produced’ goods. Thankfully, no one has publicly urged the Pakistani administration to train more homegrown terrorists, a product the country aces in. However, Pakistan economy starts growing if people start to buy domestic products.

Total Expenses On Manufacturing Of Ventilators

According to chairman PEC, the ventilator cost around $2000 to $3000. He said that after meeting the local demand, the ventilators can be exported as well, as it will be as per the international standard. Pakistan economy already faces some economic crisis. However, The budget 2020 government gives 25,494 million in the health sector. We can\’t afford to import ventilators.

How It Helps in Economy

Pakistan is exporting COVID-19 equipment worth $100 million, and after the local production of ventilators, the exports will increase. Because of the Pandemic This year, Pakistan\’s economy decreased after the manufacture of Ventilatore, it helps in a boost of Pakistan\’s economy. In Augest Pakistan manufactory 10,000 ventilators.

In the COVID world economy had affected badly. pakistan economy crisis is not an exception. The country\’s economy was on a ventilator, even pre-COVID. Now the bottom has cracked. The pillars of the economy have shifted; the parameters have changed. Business, as usual, is just not an option. All economic policies – fiscal, monetary, trade, agricultural, industrial – will need to adjust. Some high-prestige sectors will have changed from their foundations, failing which the economy will wither.

In essence, the economy will need to be structurally reorganized to produce for domestic consumption. It will itself have to be streamlined away from imported goods, including import-content local manufactures, towards products based on local raw materials. The industry will have to produce for the local market.

Export Of the Country

The manufacturing of ventilators in Pakistan is the first step after the COVID crisis. The economic condition of Pakistan can\’t afford the burden to import high rated ventilators. But the health emergency calls the need for ventilators to save people\’s life. However, to solve this problem, Pakistan starts manufacturing its own ventilates at a cheap rate in the local market.

The new step helps him to boost the economy in the COVID crisis because, in this emergency, ventilators are the need of many countries at a cheap rate. Through this, we can increase the exports of Pakistan.

Pakistan is already exporting cotton masks to most European countries. However, If he also starts the export of a ventilator, it also helps. boost up of Pakistan economy.


Pakistan gets revenue from exports of textile football and surgical product from all over the world. Now, if Pakistan also starts export ventilators and especially targeting African countries. Because In African, they are only a few ventilators, and they want a ventilator at a low price. Pakistan focuses on providing at a cheap rate to African countries. The USA and China top manufacturers, who export ventilators. Now it\’s high time for Pakistan to offer a very affordable price in the international market. It helps Pakistan\’s economy to boost during a pandemic.

Many high costs, logistical issues, manufacturing countries\’ inability to fulfill export demands due to their own local demands, among other reasons, have made import of the equipment even more difficult. However, Pakistan economy crisis decrease if he starts to export a ventilator to other countries.


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