Guide to Buying a Water Dispenser

Guide to Buying a Water Dispenser in Pakistan

As summers become harsher and heatwaves become more intense. Having a water dispenser in every home has become a necessity rather than a luxury. These energy-saving appliances have quickly displaced the ice-filled plastic water coolers that formerly graced kitchens across the country. There\’s no disputing that Water Dispenser in Pakistan have gone a long way in the last decade. Allowing everyone in the house to enjoy chilled water with the touch of a button or the twist of a knob.

In the most basic sense, a water dispenser is an electronic device that can quickly heat and cool drinking water. You won\’t have to worry about stacking water bottles in your fridge or freezer if you have this at home. It\’s, therefore, no surprise that these gadgets have become extremely popular in a short period, encouraging both local and global firms to produce a variety of dispensers to appeal to their target demographic.

There is a vast range of options to pick from, whether you are looking for a low-cost water dispenser without a fridge or something more high-tech with complex functions. These gadgets are also energy efficient and lightweight, making them convenient. These electrical items are easily available in electronics stores, department stores, and specific dealerships. If necessary, you may even order a water dispenser from the comfort of your own home.

However, choosing the proper water dispenser can be a difficult chore because different manufacturers sell a broad selection of water dispensers with varying characteristics. As a result, we\’ve put together a comprehensive guide on buying a water dispenser that you might find useful to help you streamline your search and determine exactly what you\’re looking for.

Let\’s get started without further ado.

Types Of Water Dispenser in Pakistan


You can choose from various water dispensers depending on the amount of space you have in your home.

Floor-standing water dispensers, countertop water dispensers, and direct piping water dispensers are the three main types of water dispensers in Pakistan. Although they all serve the same basic function of producing cold water, each appliance has a unique style and operation.

Let\’s look at the various sorts of Water Dispenser in Pakistan



This is the most popular water dispenser used in homes, offices, schools, clinics, and other public locations. These dispensers normally feature a water bottle mounted on top and a small refrigerator compartment at the bottom. These appliances can hold up to 19-litre water bottles, depending on their size and weight.

They\’re also freestanding dispensers because they don\’t come with a separate stand. They\’re separated into two varieties according to the number of taps.

Water dispensers with two taps that deliver both hot and cold water

Water dispensers with three taps for hot, cold, and room temperature water



Countertop water dispensers are both practical and economical. They are miniature copies of floor-standing units that can be put on kitchen countertops or any other flat surface in your home. The best thing about these units is that they don\’t take up a lot of space and use very little electricity.

Countertop water dispensers are available in a variety of colours and styles. Many newer models include technologically advanced features like an LED display and touch-screen capabilities. Furthermore, these appliances are capable of easily supporting 19-litre water bottles. However, if you are purchasing a smaller unit, get a sufficient water bottle to prevent the dispenser from tipping over due to extra weight.



Unlike floor standing and countertop dispensers, the direct piping devices are connected directly to the water supply line for a continuous supply of water. These devices, also known as Point-of-Use systems, include built-in filters that remove pollutants and other dangerous compounds, allowing them to distribute crystal clear, clean water. These appliances are larger and can be found in hospitals, train stations, mosques, universities, and other high-traffic areas.

Despite their size and weight, these devices are simple to operate and require little maintenance.

Now that we\’ve learned about the most common forms of water dispensers in Pakistan let\’s move on to the next topic of discussion.


things to think about when purchasing a water dispenser

Your water dispenser should be able to support a 19-litre water bottle in the best-case scenario.

Water dispensers come with a slew of benefits. They\’re lightweight, give cold and hot water at the touch of a button, and reduce landfill waste by eliminating the need for disposable water bottles.

However, with so many models on the market, finding one right for you and your family may necessitate some additional research. To aid you in searching for the ideal water-cooling device, we\’ve compiled a list of items to think about when purchasing a water dispenser in Pakistan.


When purchasing a water dispenser, the size and capacity are two of the most important factors. The height and width of a dispenser are measured. Meanwhile, a dispenser\’s capacity relates to its storage capacity and its ability to cold water. As a result, before going to the store or placing an order online, make sure you have enough room in your home for a water dispenser. Because repeated exposure to harsh weather conditions might damage these units\’ internal cooling and heating system, this space must be covered and kept away from direct sunlight.

Similarly, you must determine how many people will use this device to meet their hydration requirements. If you\’re looking to buy a water dispenser for your home, a standard-sized device will most likely serve three to four people. If you plan to purchase this device for your business, you may need to purchase a larger dispenser or a direct piping unit to make it easier to operate.


A built-in filtration mechanism in many dispensers removes dirt and hazardous pollutants from the water, making it safe to drink. These units are generally more expensive than standard models. If you live in a region where clean, high-quality water is scarce, you might want to invest in one of these dispensers for your home. However, if you plan to buy full dispenser bottles from a reliable provider, a standard water dispenser will suffice.


Most consumers opt to replace their water dispensers with newer models available on the market. If you take care of these appliances, they can last a decade or more in your house.

You must clean your dispenser regularly to ensure that it always provides drinkable water. Otherwise, your appliance could become a breeding ground for germs and fungi toxic to humans. As a result, purchasing water dispensers that are simple to clean and maintain is recommend. To ensure a clean water supply, consider purchasing a type with an easy-to-clean nozzle and filter.

Furthermore, if you have a small child in the house, you may want to invest in a dispenser with a child-lock option to prevent spills in your kitchen.

Purchase a water dispenser from the comfort of your own home.


Like all technological equipment, water dispensers require a certain amount of electricity to operate. The back of these appliances has a cord that can plugged into any electrical outlet. Although many of the newer dispenser models are energy-efficient, you should keep in mind that purchasing one will directly impact your monthly electricity bills.

Turning water dispensers only during certain hours is a great way to use them in Pakistan without running up your utility bills. These devices dispense water with a single tap or push even when unplugged. However, until you turn the appliance on, you won\’t be able to get cold or hot water.


In Pakistan, water dispenser prices are mostly determined by extra features such as cup holders, which allow you to stack cups on the appliance for convenient access, or built-in mini-refrigerators, which may quickly cold your food or soft drink. Furthermore, many water dispensers include detachable drip trays that prevent water from spilling on the floor while filling a glass and are also exceedingly easy to clean. You must also ensure that the dispenser you purchase is built with long-lasting materials, has a high-quality compressor, and is energy efficient.

Apart from these technological advancements, Pakistani water dispensers have also grown fairly aesthetically beautiful. Today\’s versions include a wide choice of elegant glass doors with an anti-leakage coating to protect your flooring and other electronic items in the vicinity.


Last but not least, consider purchasing a water dispenser that is covere by a warranty. Most reputable manufacturers offer a guarantee if the appliance breaks down or malfunctions after being installed in your home. These deals are only good for a limited time, but they may come in handy if your device breaks down.

As a result, before purchasing a water dispenser, check the warranty and repair policy.


Water dispenser prices in Pakistan vary depending on the manufacturer and model.

Now that you\’ve learned everything there is to know about buying a water dispenser. It\’s time to talk about how much they might cost.

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These are some of the most popular brands in Pakistan, and their water dispenser pricing is in 2022.

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