Who Will Win The Pakistan Super League in 2023?

Who Will Win The Pakistan Super League in 2023

The eighth season of the Pakistan Super League, which will begin on February 13 and end on March 19, is approaching with growing anticipation. We have the facts on the teams projected to perform well in the Pakistan Super League, better known as the PSL, which will feature thirty-four games. In this post we discussed about Who Will Win The Pakistan Super League in 2023?

Islamabad United

Islamabad United will begin as one of the favourites, if not the favourite, to win a hat trick of matches because they are currently the only PSL participant team to take home the champion’s trophy twice. IU has the record for the most victories at the PSL, having won the competition in its inaugural years, 2016 and 2018, respectively. Including celebrities like Moeen Ali and Alex Hales in their ranks will only support their claims.

Lahore Qalanders

No matter the sport, defending champions will always be a danger, and that is what you should anticipate from Lahore Qalanders, the PSL’s reigning winners. Along with having a talented team that includes players like Rashid Khan, Harry Brook, Fakhar Zaman, and Liam Dawson, Islamabad United also has the ambition to level the playing field by winning two championships. Lahore Qalanders have match-winners among their ranks and can defeat any team on their best day.

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Peshawar Zalmi

Given that Peshawar Zalmi has demonstrated its talent frequently, they present an intriguing proposition. However, you must travel back to 2017 to see them go to the top of the PSL, which could be a drawback. On the one hand, you could argue they’ve occasionally been unfortunate, which would be a fair assessment. However, you could also contend that they need to get going immediately and start cooperating as a team, which they frequently fail to accomplish. The players who will be involved and Babar Azam, the squad captain, both have the necessary credentials.

Multan Sultans

In the PSL, Multan Sultans is a team that has held up well throughout time. Multan Sultans did not represent themselves well for the first two seasons of the Pakistan Super League, which began in 2016. However, they soon began to make improvements, and in 2018 they firmly established themselves in the running. The secret was to keep pushing forward, and in 2021 they succeeded by taking the PSL. They were runners-up to Lahore Qalanders the previous year, demonstrating that it wasn’t just a fad. A team will always be a threat when they exhibit this degree of development and consistency, and they ought to perform well this season.


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