8 Reasons Why I Love Pakistan

8 Reasons Why I Love Pakistan
8 Reasons Why I Love Pakistan

Here are Reasons Why I Love Pakistan

As a Pakistani, I\’ve witnessed a lot in my life, ranging from violence to the most beautiful unity I\’ve ever witnessed. Living in Pakistan isn\’t black and white; it\’s more like a rainbow with five more colours. Pakistan, on the other hand, has made me fall in love with it. You have to live in Pakistan for a time to understand this, believe me. I\’ll tell you why I love Pakistan and why you should, too, for these 5 reasons, regardless of where you live. 

Hospitality is the backbone of our culture  


When you hear about Pakistan, the first thing that comes to mind is hospitality. If someone tells you something nice about Pakistan, whether you reside in the country or are a visitor, this is the first thing they say. It is as it is because the truth is the truth. 

Pakistan is the bravest country in the world, according to Newsweek magazine. Apart from economic derailment and horrible terrorist assaults, the country is brimming with feelings of love, compassion, and empathy. Pakistanis are known for their hospitality and love to look after their visitors. The people of the country know how to be strong in the face of adversity, cope with tourists, and keep their spirits up. The residents are primarily Muslims, who are taught forgiveness, thanks, mercy, and the concept of \”love for all and hatred for none\” by Islam. As a result, the people of Pakistan are the most compelling cause to like the country.

Food is everywhere


Growing up in Pakistan, one thing was constant was FOOD. Food is like our religion, and good food at that. Some guy selling BunKebabs or French Fries can be seen around every corner. You\’d think that not every dealer is trustworthy, but the truth is that they all are. Pakistani Cuisine, like its culture, is diverse. I bet you won\’t find the same variety of food anywhere else in the world as you will in Pakistan. The food is a mix of Turks, Arabs, Vedics, and British influences. All of the foods are magnificent and savory, from Karahi to Biryani; from Allo Chanan Chaat (a snack) to Bund Kebab; and Gulaab Jaman (a sweet) Rasmalai. Food from India is unlike anything else on the planet. As a result, one of the most compelling reasons to love Pakistan is its food.

Charity is in our blood


Pakistan is one of the world\’s most generous countries. It contributes more than 1% of its annual GDP to charity causes. In Pakistan, 98 percent of the population contributes to charity in some capacity. Pakistanis donate about $2 billion to charity each year. The EDHI Foundation, the world\’s largest charity organization, is based in Pakistan. Whether it\’s caring for the elderly, children, war victims, or just the impoverished, Pakistanis are among the most giving people on the planet.

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It is a complete country


Pakistan offers it all, from desert scenery to cold mountainous regions. If you want to see Switzerland for a fraction of the cost, head to Swat, Hunza, or Neelum Valley. If you want to visit Amsterdam, Islamabad is the place to go. Whatever you desire to do, Pakistan will most likely provide it. The Neelam valley is located in Pakistan\’s Azad Kashmir region. The valley of Neelum, popularly known as \”Blue Gem Valley,\” stretches for 241 kilometers. Multiple trees, a river, streamlets, and enticing mountains may be found in the valley. Water would be gushing down from the mountains, freshwater would be pouring down the roads, and there would be a dramatic view of the woods. Before Pakistan\’s independence, it was known as Kishan Ganga, and it was home to many Hindu Pundits and Muslims. The famed Line of Control (LOC) passes through the Nelum Valley region. Natural beauty is the reason why I love pakistan.

Pakistan\’s Culture


Pakistan\’s rich culture is one of the best reasons to adore the country. Pakistani culture is a blend of Vedic, MughaTurk, and Muslim influences. The country is engulfed in many races, making it a unique country. The ancient culture of Kailash, Bhudists, Sindhi culture (part of Mohenjo-Daro standards), Pashtun culture, Balochistan\’s Sarwar culture, and the resourceful Punjabi culture may all be found in the country. In addition, the country is home to people of various faiths and beliefs. Pakistan\’s diverse culture is a compelling cause to admire the country. Why I love pakistan becuse of its culture.



Why I love Pakistan music; there is so much ability in the country that it astounds me. New talent is being given exposure like never before, thanks to Pepsi\’s Battle of the Bands and similar programs. Pakistanis excel in many genres of music, including Rock, Metal, Pop, Grunge, Classical, and Folk. Seeing a couple of these bands perform has inspired me and given me hope for the future of our music.

Pakistan Super League (PSL)


The PSL is our Superbowl, and it\’s equally as exciting, if not more so. It commemorates Pakistan\’s national sport, cricket. The Pakistan Super League is a month-long cricket tournament in which six teams compete for the title. It all started in 2015, and every year Pakistanis throughout the world participate in something far larger than themselves. It is a vital element of our country, and it is thrilling. Every year, all the lights, splendor, and enjoyment fill the air. It\’s incredible to watch all of this, and it proves that no matter what happens, cricket will always bring this country together.

Our Entertainment politicians


Firdous Ashiq, who wish they could be part of news, either good or bad. Our politions is also the reason why I love pakistan.


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