Why Problems Come in Our life? Why Life Is So Difficult

Why Problems Come in Our life Why Life Is So Difficult

Problems arise when there are unequal situational variances in someone\’s mental state. It\’s nearly impossible to discover someone who has spent their entire life in a joyful state. Happiness is a single word that eliminates all problems in one\’s life. It may seem philosophical, but it is true. As we all know, happiness is merely a state of mind, yet achieving one can be extremely beneficial. Most significantly, it is necessary to comprehend the attitude of individuals all around you in terms of what makes them happy and what causes them to be unhappy. why life is so difficult?

Some people are continually looking for a reason to be unhappy because they are dealing with something preventing them from bridging the gap between happiness and melancholy.

On the other hand, some people manage to locate or even create a significant degree of happiness in their lives even when things aren\’t going their way. Happiness is not limited to your bank account, automobiles, annual employee report, or anything else. Happiness can be as simple as a cup of chai on a wet day or hugging your loved ones as if they were your first love.

Problems are just as large as you let them be. All we have to do now is learn to take them on with confidence and move on from those happy memories.

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Problems make us strong because anything has to go through different situations to become strong. Everything we see in the world is facing some challenges. So issues are for us. There is a challenge, and while overcoming this challenge, we learn a lot of things because it is very important for our life, and because of this, we may not be able to live life properly.

Here are some examples to help you understand

Once upon a time, a man was very successful in life. He started studying in childhood, then he was always successful in every field and when he got his degree from university and then went out in search of a job. He got a perfect job in England, and he was very successful in this job, and he made significant progress. His wife and children were thrilled, and their standard of living was very high, but once there came a time in his life that eradicated his life. Here it can be said that there is a big problem in life and his job is gone, and you sat at home free and very worried, and he did not understand now. What should he do?

He had borrowed all the houses he had borrowed from, and the borrowers started coming to his house, but he never thought that such a time would come in his life. He took his home and car, whatever he had, and he came on the road, and there came a time when he couldn\’t stand it, so he committed suicide, and his happy life ended in a few moments.

Here we have given a great example to understand. If we look carefully, there has never been any problem or trouble in his life which he has ever faced and fought against bad situations, so there is little difficulty in his life. She came, and she ended her life, so it is essential to face difficulties in life because they make us strong, and we learn that if there is any problem in life, then how to pay for it but not to do it. Life is to end and to bow before problems and worries, but to raise problems and worries before us; then, we can be successful in life.

We think we have to be successful and work hard for it, but when there are some problems in our lives, we back off very quickly, and then we start complaining. We want to be very successful. But if we do not want to face the problem of big problems, then we can never be successful in life because the bigger our success and the bigger the reward we want to get in our life. And those problems teach us, tell us, show us, and test whether we are capable of this success. Problems enable us, and many such scales come within us to sharpen.

Here I will take you to another point to understand this

There was a man who had a lot of crops, and he was the only one who took care of the whole crop with him. I was talking to God just now. I had watered the crop. It was raining from above sometimes; he was talking to God. The crop was ready to ripen, and the wind from above ruined the whole crop. Hence, one day it happened. He said, \”If I had all these powers, I would have run this system very well. God heard his voice and gave him all these powers. \”God heard his voice, gave him all the authority, and said that now you can do as you wish.

The man was very happy, and he sowed the crop of his own free will. And as soon as she grew up, she rained of her own free will whenever she wanted. When she wanted to run, when she did all this work, and finally. The crop would be ready, and she saw that there was no grain in the crop, the crop was empty. And then he asked God why this happened and said to God that I had run this system in a very good way, but still, the harvest was not right. Then God answered very kindly you did not let him fight the bad situation. You did not allow yourself to face all the difficulties that make it fruitful.

So this story taught us that even if there are no problems in our life like this crop. We can never learn how to fight them, and then this is why many people commit suicide today. They ruin many people\’s lives because they have never been able to cope with bad situations, and they have humble.

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Writer: Akash


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