Why Do Brands Opt For Fake Reviews On Google & How Ethical Is It?

Why Do Brands Opt For Fake Reviews On Google & How Ethical Is It

In Pakistan, online shopping is still fraught with danger. We have a psychological reaction to not being able to touch our potential purchase. To combat this anxiety, businesses began allowing customers to submit evaluations. After reading these reviews, potential clients can rest certain that the product will be a good investment. However, most brands have fake reviews on google.

Fake Reviews On Google


Because buyers would not complete a purchase if they do not see positive or negative reviews, corporations are now paying people to submit ratings. Are all bought reviews untrustworthy? Not at all. A paid review occurs when a company promises to pay you regardless of what you say. The reviewer is free to express their true feelings about the product. This isn\’t a phony review. However, after witnessing how reviews assist attract more customers, some businesses hire workers to write phony reviews. They pay people to write about how great the product is and how there is nothing better than it.

Is It Ethical?

Customers are more likely to purchase a product if it has a 5-star rating. And if the product had fake reviews, they would have received a poor product. The customer\’s money and time were wasted, making this a fairly unethical practice. But the brand surely made a profit, so even if unethical, why should other brands care?

What Can Be Done?


The brand side must care because as more companies begin to follow this approach, they convince the customers that no reviews can be believed. In the long run, even if a legal brand that has never requested phony reviews receives a 100 percent positive rating, the customers will be reluctant to accept it. Brands should work together to ensure that their competitors do not receive phony reviews.

On the other hand, customers must step up their game significantly if they are to continue buying online without interruption. They can start by learning to distinguish between phony and genuine reviews.

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