Youtube has Announced a New Section for Podcasts

Youtube has Announced a New Section for Podcasts

Earlier this year, it was claimed that YouTube would soon provide a site specifically for podcasts, showing that the company was taking podcast investments and the potential ad revenue they may produce more seriously. The new Youtube podcasts site is currently accessible to US viewers, according to YouTube, which confirm the URL was up before any official announcement.

The dedicated podcast page was introduce last month. Now, at least for some users, it connects to other popular sites like Gaming, Sports, Learning, Fashion, and others on YouTube\’s existing Explore page. The sidebar navigation of the website did not, however, have a podcast section.

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YouTube claimed that the URL is not accessible everywhere right now

According to Paul Pennigton, a spokesperson for YouTube, \”the podcast destination page on YouTube allows users to find new and popular podcast episodes, artists and their shows, as well as suggested podcast material.\”

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On YouTube, podcasting is still a marginal role. The streamer earned $28.8 billion in 2021 for Google, the company that owns it. In the meantime, a survey conducted by the Interactive Advertising Bureau found that the global podcast industry recently surpassed $1 billion. Podcasting doesn\’t have to be owne by YouTube. But the website believes that the company might still devote more funds to it. Regarding the company\’s general objectives for podcasts or the destination. YouTube declined to comment further, suggesting that a bigger announcement was still forthcoming. Before today, there were already a few hints that YouTube was taking podcasts. More seriously, especially since Spotify entered the market by supporting video podcasts.

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