Zoo Lahore – Location, Timings, Ticket Price, and Other Details

Zoo Lahore – Location, Timings, Ticket Price, and Other Details

One of Pakistan\’s largest and most well-known attractions is the Zoo Lahore. It is thought to be the third-oldest zoo in the entire globe. The Lahore Zoo Safari is now open for guests\’ amusement. The zoo is home to more than 130 different animal species.

The Lahore Zoo offers a wide variety of interesting and enjoyable activities. For instance, a sophisticated aviary, an elephant and tiger enclosure, horseback riding, a snake enclosure, and crocodile ponds. If you\’re in Lahore, you should visit the zoo to spend time with the animals and the natural world. The Lahore Zoo\’s location, hours, and other information are all listed here.



The major mall road in Lahore, where the zoo is located, is the city\’s beating heart. The most well-known and historic route in Lahore is Main Mall Road.

Additionally, it shares a wall with Lahore\’s Jinnah Park, known as the green belt. As a result, you can also visit Fatima Jinnah Park and have fun within the same round.

The general bus stop is 4 kilometers away from the Lahore Zoo, which is also close to the Railway Station Road and is only around 3 kilometers away.



The Lahore Zoo\’s history began with its creation in 1860. Despite being finished in 1872, it was managed by the Lahore Municipal Committee from that year until 1921. The zoo advisory committee ran it from 1921 to 1962.

The Lahore Zoo Management Committee, which took on all of the duties of the Zoo\’s Wildlife and Parks Department, was founded in 1982. Lahore Zoo Committee is governed by the 2012 Punjab Zoos and Safari Parks Rule.

Zoo Committee launches attempts to improve the design of the structures and the pattern of the landscape. These efforts develop into self-financed organizations that cover all their costs with their available resources.

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Date, time, and phone numbers

If you are organizing a trip to take your friends or family to Zoo but are unsure of the date. You can learn the Lahore Zoo timing without worrying.

The Lahore Zoo is open every week from 9:00 AM until dusk. From 9:00 AM till dusk, visitors are welcome to participate in all activities. No one is permitted inside the zoo after dusk, and all events are over.

Here is the phone number for the Lahore Zoo. You can email us with any questions.

Number 04236314682.

Ticket cost

With a small investment, you may learn about the wildlife\’s way of life, their regulated environment, and much more at the Lahore Zoo. You can have a good time with yourself, your friends, and the wildlife at the Lahore Zoo.

The cost of admission to the Lahore Zoo for adults and children is listed below.

For adults, the price is PKR 40; for youngsters, it is PKR 20. If you go with friends and others, the price is merely PKR 600 ($). However, you must pay PKR 1000 for the group of 100.

Children under three years old and people over 60 can enter for free. There is also a parking lot where you may park for cheap.

Animals in the wild in the Lahore Zoo and 1200 animal

The Lahore Zoo\’s list of wild animals is provided below.

  • Bengal Tiger
  • Common and Silver Pheasant
  • Peafowl(Indian)
  • Nilgai
  • Mute swan
  • Emu
  • Lion

The zoo also houses various creatures and birds, including elephants, giraffes, monkeys, horses, and many more.


Education programs

Educational programs are available at the Lahore Zoo, including guided tours, informative talks, programs to raise awareness about wild animals, and awareness campaigns.

Students may also apply for volunteer programs and internships. Students must enroll in college or a university to be eligible for internships. However, a volunteer must be at least 14 years old.

Upcoming events at Lahore Zoo


The Lahore Zoo organizes and celebrates special events to amuse and inform the public about animals. The list below includes forthcoming activities at the Lahore Zoo.

On October 4, 2022, a wild animal day celebration will occur.

On December 14, 2022, a global monkeys celebration will occur.


If you go, the recreation area of the Lahore zoo is the most amazing section. Following are a few well-known recreations.

  • A wonderful aviary where birds with various feather types fly and stroll.
  • Taking a camel ride at the Lahore Zoo is a fun experience.
  • Another activity that provides riders with incredible fun at the Lahore Zoo is horseback riding.
  • Children with special needs get a good opportunity to interact with wildlife by jumping into a castle.
  • Another incredible experience offered to visitors is a ride on a mechanical elephant.
  • Visitors can relax at the Jungle café, the ideal location to reenergize.

Final Note

This article provides complete information about the Lahore Zoo, including its address, admission fees, a list of its animal inhabitants, and much more. Look at it if you want to learn more about Lahore.

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