CAA Employee Dismissed For Threatening Female Christian Security Officer With Blasphemy Allegations

CAA Employee Dismissed For Threatening Female Christian Security Officer With Blasphemy Allegations

..CAA Employee Dismissed For Threatening Female: An employee of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) was sack on Saturday after threatening to blaspheme a Christian security guard over a parking disagreement in Karachi.

Video of the event at Jinnah International Airport’s cargo area shows that the argument started. When a male security guard reprimanded him for letting a friend’s car pass through security without a vehicle pass.

The man allegedly said he would accuse the preachers of being mad and threatened. To hack the female officer up, threatening her with blasphemy charges. The female police officer can be hear chastising the man for making threats against her. And daring him to accuse her of blasphemy.

Social media users instantly shared a video of the incident, which sparked criticism and condemnation.

The dispute took place on Thursday, and officials were aware of the situation. According to a statement made in response to the event and released today by the CAA spokeswoman.

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The statement claims that the CAA S* employee has been terminate from his position. By the preliminary investigation findings, and a thorough investigation has been mandate.

Asif Ali Zardari, a former PPP co-chairman and chairman, was informe of the event. And pleaded with the federal and local authorities to protect the female officer.

He remarked that it was unfortunate that the security officer was subjecte to a case of vulgarity while performing her duties and called for an investigation into the matter.

According to Zardari, the accusation of blasphemy is a very hazardous conduct, and some individuals tried to damage Pakistan by using the excuse of religion.

The such mentality needs to be discourage by both the government and the populace.

The head of the PPP order that if the accusation against the female security guard turne out to be untrue, the complainant be severely punish.

Farhatullah Babar, a former senator, urged officials to pay attention. To the issue and commended the female security officers for handling it.

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Meanwhile, human rights activist and lawyer Jibran Nasir said the accuser should be apprehend and prosecuted for making such threats against a government official and lamented that the honor of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) is reduced to a tool to be used for practical purposes.


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