A Simple Guide on How to Track NayaPay Card Online in 2023

A Simple Guide on How to Track NayaPay Card Online in 2023

All of your daily payments go into one wallet. You may always send money to friends and family for free using NayaPay. Get an instant Visa debit card to use for any payments, whether they be online, in-person, or international. In this post we discusse about he How to Track NayaPay Card?

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Who is Eligible for NayaPay?

Anyone in Pakistan who is at least 18 years old can open a NayaPay wallet and use it to send and receive money, make payments, pay off debts, and carry out a number of other tasks.

What does a NayaPay Account Include?

A free Visa Virtual card that can be use to make online payments both domestically and internationally comes with a NayaPay account.

Additionally, the app allows you to order a free real debit card that will be delivere to your house and can be used to make in-person purchases at more than 46 million businesses across the world, as well as withdraw cash from ATMs.

How to Track NayaPay Visa Debit Card Online?

Following these easy steps will allow you to track your NayaPay card online once you’ve placed your order through the app:

  1. Go to the official website of TCS Express.
  2. Enter the tracking number against your NayaPay Visa Debit Card order.
  3. Select Track to continue. 
  4. The tracking details will appear. 

Schedule of Charges

It will always be free to send money between NayaPay subscribers. Your Visa debit card has no annual charge or SMS fees.

Schedule of charges nayapay

Account Limits for NayaPay

The accounts limits for NayaPay are:

Initial Load LimitPKR 50,000
Upgrade load limitPKR 200,000

How to Upgrade Your Wallet Using an ATM from Meezan Bank

To upgrade your wallet, you can give biometric verification at any Meezan Bank ATM located around the country. The steps consist of the following:

Procedure to Upgrade the Wallet Using Meezan Bank ATM

Select NayaPay next.

  1. On the Meezan Bank ATM, select Biometric Verification.
  2. Enter a cellphone number that is registered with NayaPay along with your CNIC. The biometric verification is finished.
  3. Give the biometric impression as directed and per the instructions.
  4. Along with the NayaPay app’s upgrade notification, a success message will show up on the screen.
  5. How to Upgrade Your Wallet With the NayaPay App

Procedure to Upgrade the Wallet Using NayaPay App

You can upgrade your NayaPay wallet through the app as well. Follow the simple steps below:

  1. Open the app on your phone and tap on the Upgrade icon. 
  2. Choose Upgrade through App to proceed. Please allow location access if disabled, as required by NADRA. Fingerprint scanning requires a mobile with a 5 MP or higher back camera and a flashlight.
  3. Click on Continue
  4. Place your fingers close together within the frame, following the instructions on the screen. The software will scan your fingers and photograph them.
  5. Click Next to have your fingerprints confirmed against NADRA records.
  6. By selecting Check Upgraded Limitations, you can view your upgraded limits.

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Q. How long does NayaPay take?

Ans. The Sales and Transactions tabs provide a record of any payments made, whether they are made in response to an invoice or not. The network has informed NayaPay that a payment has been receive, but money won’t actually be sent there for 2–7 working days.

Q. How do I get a NayaPay card?

Ans. Get the NayaPay App from the Google Play Store or the App Store.

In just a few easy steps, register for your wallet online. Your CNIC or NICOP is all that is require.

The team will check the accuracy of your information. Your wallet will be accessible in a little while. You can enhance your spending caps with biometric verifications.

Q. Which banks are connected to NayaPay?

Ans. Recently, Askari Bank Limited and NayaPay decided to work together to promote digital payments in Pakistan. NayaPay and Meezan Bank are both connected.

Q. Is NayaPay trusted?

Ans. NayaPay has received an EMI License from the State Bank of Pakistan in accordance with the EMI Regulations.

Q. Can I use NayaPay on Amazon?

Ans. With the NayaPay Wallet, you will receive a free Visa Virtual Card that can be used to make domestic and international online purchases from sites like Amazon, AliExpress, Facebook, and Netflix.

Q. Can I receive money from abroad on NayaPay?

Ans. You can accept both domestic and foreign debit and credit cards thanks to NayaPay Arc IPG.

How do I withdraw money from NayaPay?

Ans. Transferring to the specified bank account is possible.

  1. Toggle to Accounts.
  2. Decide on Select Money.
  3. A designated bank account should be chosen.

Q. How do I contact NayaPay?

Ans. You can immediately freeze the card through the app for lost or stolen cards, or you can phone customer support at (021) 111-222-729.

Q. Is the NayaPay app on Iphone?

Ans. The app requires a Mac with an Apple M1 chip or later, iOS 13.0 or later, or macOS 11.0 or later.

Q. What is an MPIN?

Ans. A six-digit passcode called an MPIN is use on the NayaPay app to authenticate transactions and access private data. Although first, it could seem challenging to remember this number, it provides a crucial and necessary level of security to protect your account from unauthorised use.


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