Daewoo Ticket Prices 2023 – The Complete List of Fares & Classes

Daewoo Ticket Prices 2023 – The Complete List of Fares & Classes

Daewoo Ticket Prices 2023 Daewoo Ticket Prices 2023 One of the most well-known transportation companies in Pakistan is Daewoo.

It Daewoo provides coverage throughout many locales and facilitates everyday commutes for people in towns and cities from Okara to Karachi.

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Daewoo remains a cost-effective alternative even when travel has become more pricey.

Here is a comprehensive list of Daewoo ticket costs for popular cities in Pakistan, updated for 2023, in case you are planning a trip and want to know which route meets your travel budget.

Daewoo Ticket Prices 2023

The current Daewoo ticket costs for Pakistan’s eight largest cities are listed below. The Official Daewoo Website is where the ticket prices were found.

  1. Karachi Daewoo Ticket Prices
  2. Lahore Daewoo Ticket Prices
  3. Islamabad/ Rawalpindi Daewoo Ticket Prices
  4. Faisalabad Daewoo Ticket Prices
  5. Multan Daewoo Ticket Prices
  6. Hyderabad Daewoo Ticket Prices 
  7. Peshawar Daewoo Ticket Prices
  8. Sialkot Daewoo Ticket Prices

Let’s now examine Daewoo ticket costs in each city.

Karachi Daewoo Ticket Prices

The total cost of tickets from Karachi’s Daewoo (MA Jinnah), Karachi (Bahria Town), and Karachi (Al Asif) terminals to other cities is listed below.

#RouteClass Ticket Price (PKR)
1Karachi to FaisalabadLuxury5400
2Karachi to FaisalabadSuper Luxury5400
3Karachi to FaisalabadSleeper Bus8000
4Karachi Bahria Town to FaisalabadLuxury4820
5Karachi Bahria Town to FaisalabadSuper Luxury4820
6Karachi to Lahore ThokarLuxury6580
7Karachi to Lahore ThokarSleeper Bus8900
8Karachi Bahria Town to Lahore ThokarLuxury6220
9Karachi Al Asif to Lahore ThokarLuxury6270
10Karachi to SargodhaSuper Luxury6050
11Karachi Bahria Town to SargodhaSuper Luxury6060
12Karachi to Abbotabad (Fawara Chowk)Luxury6530
13Karachi Bahria Town to Abbotabad (Fawara Chowk)Luxury6500
14Karachi Al-Asif to Abbotabad (Fawara Chowk)Luxury6530
15Karachi to AbbottabadLuxury6640
17Karachi Bahria Town to AbbottabadLuxury6640
18Karachi Al Asif to AbbottabadLuxury6610
19Karachi to HyderabadLuxury620
20Karachi to HyderabadSleeper Bus3040
21Karachi to HyderabadSuper Luxury620
22Karachi to Hyderabad CityLuxury – 40 Seats630
23Karachi Al Asif to HyderabadLuxury620
24Karachi to Iqbalabad (RYK)Luxury3180
25Karachi to Iqbalabad (RYK)Sleeper Bus4860
26Karachi to Iqbalabad (RYK)Super Luxury3180
27Karachi Bahria Town to Iqbalabad (RYK)Luxury3010
28Karachi Bahria Town to Iqbalabad (RYK)Super Luxury3180
29Karachi Al Asif to Iqbalabad (RYK)Luxury3180
30Karachi to KhanewalSleeper Bus8340
31Karachi to MoroLuxury1620
32Karachi to MoroSleeper Bus2560
33Karachi to MoroSuper Luxury1620
34Karachi Bahria Town to MoroLuxury1620
35Karachi Bahria Town to MoroSuper Luxury1620
36Karachi Al Asif to MoroLuxury1620
37Karachi to Multan (Main)Luxury4120
38Karachi to Multan (Main)Super Luxury4120
39Karachi to Multan (Main)Sleeper Bus7000
40Karachi Bahria Town to Multan (Main)Luxury4470
41Karachi Bahria Town to Multan (Main)Super Luxury4470
42Karachi Al Asif to Multan (Main)Luxury4120
43Karachi to PeshawarLuxury6470
44Karachi Bahria Town to PeshawarLuxury6470
45Karachi to RashakaiLuxury6140
46Karachi Bahria Town to RashakaiLuxury6140
47Karachi to Rawalpindi (Main)Luxury6370
48Karachi to Rawalpindi (Main)Sleeper Bus8900
49Karachi Bahria Town to Rawalpindi (Main)Luxury6370
50Karachi Al Asif to Rawalpindi (Main)Luxury6370
51Karachi to SAKRANDLuxury1610
52Karachi to SAKRANDSleeper Bus2270
53Karachi to SAKRANDSuper Luxury1610
54Karachi Bahria Town to SAKRANDLuxury1480
55Karachi Bahria Town to SAKRANDSuper Luxury1480
56Karachi Al Asif to SAKRANDLuxury1480
57Karachi to Shah MaqsoodLuxury6470
58Karachi Bahria Town to Shah MaqsoodLuxury6460
59Karachi Al Asif to Shah MaqsoodLuxury6470
60Karachi to SukkurLuxury2770
61Karachi to SukkurSleeper Bus3610
62Karachi to SukkurSuper Luxury2770
63Karachi Bahria Town to SukkurLuxury2240
64Karachi Bahria Town to SukkurSuper Luxury2770
65Karachi Al Asif to SukkurLuxury2770
66Karachi to Zahirpir InterchangeLuxury3230
67Karachi to Zahirpir InterchangeSuper Luxury3230
68Karachi Bahria Town to Zahirpir InterchangeLuxury3230
69Karachi Bahria Town to Zahirpir InterchangeSuper Luxury3230
70Karachi Al Asif to Zahirpir InterchangeLuxury3230

Lahore Daewoo Ticket Prices

Below are the complete Daewoo Ticket Prices 2023 from Lahore Thokar and Lahore Kalma Chowk to other cities.

1RouteClass Ticket Price (PKR)
2Lahore Thokar to KarachiLuxury6580
3Lahore Thokar to KarachiSleeper Bus8900
4Lahore Thokar to Abbottabad (Fawara Chowk)Super Luxury2130
5Lahore Thokar to Ahmed Pur EastSuper Luxury2050
6Lahore Thokar to BahawalpurSuper Luxury1930
7Lahore Thokar to BarikotLuxury2410
8Lahore Thokar to BarikotEconomy2410
9Lahore Thokar to BatkhelaEconomy2380
10Lahore Thokar to BhakkarEconomy2050
11Lahore Thokar to ChichawatniEconomy980
12Lahore Thokar to Chowk BahadurpurExecutive Class3200
13Lahore Thokar to Chowk BahadurpurEconomy2980
14Lahore Thokar to Chowk BahadurpurSuper Luxury2980
15Lahore Thokar to Chowk QuereshiSuper Luxury2100
17Lahore Thokar to DaskaEconomy830
18Lahore Thokar to D. Ghazi KhanSuper Luxury2270
19Lahore Thokar to D. Ismail KhanEconomy2170
20Lahore Thokar to DunyapurSuper Luxury1700
21Lahore Thokar to FaisalabadSuper Luxury1060
22Lahore Thokar to Islamabad (Faizabad)Luxury2360
23Lahore Thokar to Islamabad (Faizabad)Gold Class2980
24Lahore (Kalma Chowk) to Islamabad (Faizabad)Luxury2520
25Lahore (Kalma Chowk) to Islamabad (Faizabad)Gold Class3140
26Lahore Thokar to GujranwalaEconomy770
27Lahore Thokar to GujratEconomy980
28Lahore Thokar to HyderabadLuxury6070
29Lahore Thokar to HyderabadSleeper Bus8900
30Lahore Thokar to HyderabadLuxury2900
31Lahore Thokar to Iqbalabad (RYK)Sleeper Bus4700
32Lahore Thokar to Iqbalabad (RYK)Executive Class3180
33Lahore Thokar to Iqbalabad (RYK)Economy2900
34Lahore Thokar to Iqbalabad (RYK)Luxury2900
35Lahore Thokar to JahanianSuper Luxury1680
36Lahore Thokar to JhangEconomy1430
37Lahore Thokar to JhelumEconomy1300
38Lahore Thokar to KhanpurEconomy2740
39Lahore Thokar to KhanewalEconomy1530
40Lahore Thokar to KhanewalSuper Luxury1650
41Lahore Thokar to KhanewalSleeper Bus2270
42Lahore (Kalma Chowk) to KhanewalSuper Luxury1810
43Lahore Thokar to KharianEconomy1110
44Lahore Thokar to Lahore Kalma ChowkGold Class140
45Lahore Thokar to Lahore Kalma ChowkSuper Luxury140
46Lahore Thokar to Lahore Kalma ChowkLuxury140
47Lahore Thokar to LodhranSuper Luxury1760
48Lahore Thokar to Main ChanuEconomy1110
49Lahore Thokar to MoroLuxury5410
50Lahore Thokar to MoroSleeper Bus7260
51Lahore Thokar to Multan (Main)Gold Class2170
52Lahore Thokar to Multan (Main)Super Luxury1830
53Lahore Thokar to Multan (Main)Economy1630
54Lahore (Kalma Chowk) to Multan (Main)Gold Class2280
55Lahore (Kalma Chowk) to Multan (Main)Super Luxury1990
56Lahore Thokar to MuzafargarhSuper Luxury1960
57Lahore Thokar to Okara CanttEconomy820
58Lahore Thokar to Okara CityEconomy820
59Lahore Thokar to PeshawarSuper Luxury2440
60Lahore (Kalma Chowk) to PeshawarSuper Luxury2530
61Lahore Thokar to Rashakai (Nowshera)Super Luxury2330
62Lahore (Kalma Chowk) to Rashakai (Nowshera)Super Luxury2480
63Lahore Thokar to RawalpindiLuxury2270
64Lahore Thokar to RawalpindiGold Class2910
65Lahore (Kalma Chowk) to RawalpindiLuxury2440
66Lahore (Kalma Chowk) to RawalpindiGold Class3040
67Lahore Thokar to SadiqabadSuper Luxury3040
68Lahore Thokar to SadiqabadExecutive Class3320
69Lahore Thokar to SahiwalEconomy890
70Lahore Thokar to SakrandLuxury5440
71Lahore Thokar to SakrandSleeper Bus6970
72Lahore Thokar to SargodhaSuper Luxury1060
73Lahore Thokar to Shah MaqsoodSuper Luxury2100
74Lahore Thokar to SialkotEconomy980
75Lahore Thokar to SukkurLuxury4170
76Lahore Thokar to SukkurSleeper Bus6580
77Lahore Thokar to SwatEconomy2440
78Lahore Thokar to Zahirpir CityEconomy2370
79Lahore Thokar to Zahirpir InterchangeLuxury2370
80Lahore Thokar to Zahirpir InterchangeExecutive Class2690
81Lahore Thokar to Zahirpir InterchangeSuper Luxury2370

Islamabad/Rawalpindi Daewoo Ticket Prices

Below are the complete Daewoo Ticket Prices 2023 Faizabad (Isl/Rwl) and Rawalpindi (Main) terminals to other cities.

#RouteClass Ticket Price (PKR)
1Rawalpindi to Abbottabad (fawara Chowk)Luxury660
2Rawalpindi to Abbottabad (fawara Chowk)Economy660
3Rawalpindi to Abbottabad (fawara Chowk)Super Luxury660
4Rawalpindi to AbbottabadLuxury730
5Rawalpindi to AbbottabadEconomy730
6Rawalpindi to AbbottabadSuper Luxury730
7Rawalpindi to Ahmedpur EastSuper Luxury3070
8Rawalpindi to Lahore (Thokar)Gold Class2910
9Rawalpindi to Lahore (Thokar)Luxury2270
10Rawalpindi to Lahore (Kalma Chowk)Gold Class3060
11Rawalpindi to Lahore (Kalma Chowk)Luxury2440
12Rawalpindi to Karachi (M A Jinnah)Luxury6700
13Rawalpindi to Karachi (M A Jinnah)Sleeper Bus8900
14Rawalpindi to MultanSuper Luxury2650
15Rawalpindi to MultanLuxury2650
17Rawalpindi to MultanExecutive Class2650
18Rawalpindi to FaisalabadEconomy1440
19Rawalpindi to BahawalpurSuper Luxury2880
20Rawalpindi to HyderabadSleeper Bus8900
21Rawalpindi to HyderabadLuxury6580
22Rawalpindi to PeshawarLuxury720
23Rawalpindi to PeshawarEconomy720
24Rawalpindi to BarikotEconomy800
25Rawalpindi to BatkhelaEconomy790
26Rawalpindi to BhalwalEconomy1090
27Rawalpindi to Chowk BahadurpurSuper Luxury2980
28Rawalpindi to Chowk BahadurpurExecutive Class2980
29Rawalpindi to Chowk QureshiSuper Luxury2650
30Rawalpindi to Dera Ghazi KhanSuper Luxury2730
31Rawalpindi to Dera Ismail KhanSuper Luxury1930
32Rawalpindi to DunyapurSuper Luxury2630
33Rawalpindi to FaisalabadEconomy1400
34Rawalpindi to GujranwalaEconomy1260
35Rawalpindi to GujratEconomy1010
36Rawalpindi to HyderabadLuxury6580
37Rawalpindi to HyderabadSleeper Bus8900
38Rawalpindi to Iqbalabad (RYK)Super Luxury2950
39Rawalpindi to Iqbalabad (RYK)Luxury2950
40Rawalpindi to Iqbalabad (RYK)Sleeper Bus4450
41Rawalpindi to JahanianSuper Luxury2560
42Rawalpindi to JhangEconomy2060
43Rawalpindi to JhelumEconomy720
44Rawalpindi to KarachiLuxury6700
45Rawalpindi to KarachiSleeper Bus8900
46Rawalpindi to KhanewalSleeper Bus3340
47Rawalpindi to KhanewalSuper Luxury2460
48Rawalpindi to KharianEconomy920
49Rawalpindi to Lahore (Kalma Chowk)Luxury2440
50Rawalpindi to Lahore (Kalma Chowk)Gold Class3060
51Rawalpindi to Lahore (Thokar)Luxury2270
52Rawalpindi to Lahore (Thokar)Gold Class2910
53Rawalpindi to LodhranSuper Luxury2690
54Rawalpindi to MoroLuxury6040
55Rawalpindi to MoroSleeper Bus8340
56Rawalpindi to murreeLuxury610
57Rawalpindi to MuzafargarhSuper Luxury2610
58Rawalpindi to Paikhel/ Kot BelianSuper Luxury1100
59Rawalpindi to Rashakai (Nowshera)Luxury580
60Rawalpindi to Rashakai (Nowshera)Economy580
61Rawalpindi to SadiqabadSuper Luxury3040
62Rawalpindi to SadiqabadExecutive Class3040
63Rawalpindi to SahiwalEconomy2370
64Rawalpindi to SakrandLuxury6150
65Rawalpindi to SakrandSleeper Bus8340
66Rawalpindi to SargodhaEconomy1260
67Rawalpindi to Shah MaqsoodLuxury530
68Rawalpindi to Shah MaqsoodEconomy530
69Rawalpindi to SialkotEconomy1370
70Rawalpindi to SukkurLuxury5600
71Rawalpindi to SukkurSleeper Bus7570
72Rawalpindi to SwatEconomy920
73Rawalpindi to Zahirpir InterchangeLuxury2780
74Rawalpindi to Zahirpir InterchangeSuper Luxury2780
75Rawalpindi to Zahirpir InterchangeExecutive Class2780

Here are the Daewoo Daewoo Ticket Prices 2023  Faizabad (Isl/Rwl) to other cities.

#RouteClass Ticket Price (PKR)
1Faizabad (Rwl/Isb) to Abbottabad (Fawara Chowk)Economy740
2Faizabad (Rwl/Isb) to AbbottabadEconomy790
3Faizabad (Rwl/Isb) to Ahmed Pur EastSuper Luxury3010
4Faizabad (Rwl/Isb) to BahawalpurSuper Luxury2790
5Faizabad (Rwl/Isb) to BarikotLuxury860
6Faizabad (Rwl/Isb) to BatkhelaLuxury850
7Faizabad (Rwl/Isb) to BhalwalLuxury1100
8Faizabad (Rwl/Isb) to Chowk BahadurpurSuper Luxury2920
9Faizabad (Rwl/Isb) to Chowk BahadurpurLuxury2920
10Faizabad (Rwl/Isb) to Chowk QureshiSuper Luxury2570
11Faizabad (Rwl/Isb) to Dera Ghazi KhanSuper Luxury2660
12Faizabad (Rwl/Isb) to Dera Ismail KhanSuper Luxury1910
13Faizabad (Rwl/Isb) to DunyapurSuper Luxury2560
14Faizabad (Rwl/Isb) to GujranwalaLuxury1180
15Faizabad (Rwl/Isb) to GujratLuxury950
16Faizabad (Rwl/Isb) to HyderabadLuxury6350
17Faizabad (Rwl/Isb) to Iqbalabad (RYK)Super Luxury2860
18Faizabad (Rwl/Isb) to Iqbalabad (RYK)Luxury2860
19Faizabad (Rwl/Isb) to JahanianSuper Luxury2530
20Faizabad (Rwl/Isb) to JhangEconomy2130
21Faizabad (Rwl/Isb) to JhelumEconomy710
22Faizabad (Rwl/Isb) to KarachiLuxury6810
23Faizabad (Rwl/Isb) to KarachiSleeper Bus8950
24Faizabad (Rwl/Isb) to KhanewalSleeper Bus3340
25Faizabad (Rwl/Isb) to KhanewalSuper Luxury2520
26Faizabad (Rwl/Isb) to KharianEconomy880
27Faizabad (Rwl/Isb) to Lahore (Kalma Chowk)Luxury2520
28Faizabad (Rwl/Isb) to Lahore (Kalma Chowk)Gold Class3140
29Faizabad (Rwl/Isb) to Lahore (Thokar)Luxury2360
30Faizabad (Rwl/Isb) to Lahore (Thokar)Gold Class2980
31Faizabad (Rwl/Isb) to LodhranSuper Luxury2760
32Faizabad (Rwl/Isb) to MoroLuxury6250
33Faizabad (Rwl/Isb) to MoroSleeper Bus8120
34Faizabad (Rwl/Isb) to MultanSuper Luxury2750
35Faizabad (Rwl/Isb) to MultanLuxury2750
36Faizabad (Rwl/Isb) to murreeLuxury600
37Faizabad (Rwl/Isb) to MuzafargarhSuper Luxury2680
38Faizabad (Rwl/Isb) to Paikhel/ Kot BelianSuper Luxury1160
39Faizabad (Rwl/Isb) to PeshawarEconomy780
40Faizabad (Rwl/Isb) to Rashakai (Nowshera)Economy660
41Faizabad (Rwl/Isb) to SadiqabadSuper Luxury3100
42Faizabad (Rwl/Isb) to SadiqabadExecutive Class3100
43Faizabad (Rwl/Isb) to SahiwalEconomy2460
44Faizabad (Rwl/Isb) to SakrandLuxury6040
45Faizabad (Rwl/Isb) to SargodhaEconomy1350
46Faizabad (Rwl/Isb) to Shah MaqsoodEconomy600
47Faizabad (Rwl/Isb) to SialkotEconomy1360
48Faizabad (Rwl/Isb) to SukkurLuxury5720
49Faizabad (Rwl/Isb) to SukkurSleeper Bus7750
50Faizabad (Rwl/Isb) to SwatEconomy990
51Faizabad (Rwl/Isb) to Zahirpir InterchangeSuper Luxury2830
52Faizabad (Rwl/Isb) to Zahirpir InterchangeExecutive Class2830

Faisalabad Daewoo Ticket Prices

Below are the complete Daewoo Ticket Prices 2023 Faisalabad to other cities.

#RouteClass Ticket Price (PKR)
1Faisalabad to Faizabad (Isl/Rwl)Economy1500
2Faisalabad to HyderabadLuxury5060
3Faisalabad to HyderabadSuper Luxury5060
4Faisalabad to HyderabadSleeper Bus8000
5Faisalabad to Iqbalabad (RYK)Luxury2160
6Faisalabad to Iqbalabad (RYK)Super Luxury2160
7Faisalabad to Iqbalabad (RYK)Sleeper Bus3500
8Faisalabad to JhangEconomy610
9Faisalabad to KarachiLuxury5680
10Faisalabad to KarachiSuper Luxury5680
11Faisalabad to KarachiSleeper Bus8000
12Faisalabad to KhanewalEconomy930
13Faisalabad to Lahore (Thokar)Super Luxury1060
14Faisalabad to MoroLuxury4640
15Faisalabad to MoroSuper Luxury4640
16Faisalabad to MoroSleeper Bus6700
17Faisalabad to MultanEconomy1210
18Faisalabad to MultanLuxury1210
19Faisalabad to MultanSuper Luxury1210
20Faisalabad to MultanSleeper Bus2160
21Faisalabad to PeshawarLuxury1910
22Faisalabad to Rashakai (Nowshera)Luxury1830
23Faisalabad to RawalpindiEconomy1400
24Faisalabad to SahiwalEconomy710
25Faisalabad to SakrandLuxury4700
26Faisalabad to SakrandSuper Luxury4700
27Faisalabad to SakrandSleeper Bus7210
28Faisalabad to SargodhaEconomy770
29Faisalabad to SargodhaSuper Luxury770
30Faisalabad to SukkurLuxury3770
31Faisalabad to SukkurSuper Luxury3770
32Faisalabad to SukkurSleeper Bus6180
33Faisalabad to Zahirpir InterchangeLuxury2010

Multan Daewoo Ticket Prices

Below are the complete Daewoo Ticket Prices 2023 Multan to other cities.

#RouteClass Ticket Price (PKR)
1Multan (Main) to Abbottabad (Fawara Chowk)Luxury2770
2Multan (Main) to AbbottabadLuxury3000
3Multan (Main) to ChichawatniEconomy640
4Multan (Main) to Chowk BahadurpurSuper Luxury1730
5Multan (Main) to Chowk BahadurpurExecutive Class1730
6Multan (Main) to Chowk QureshiSuper Luxury490
7Multan (Main) to Dera Ghazi KhanSuper Luxury520
8Multan (Main) to FaisalabadLuxury1210
9Multan (Main) to FaisalabadSuper Luxury1210
10Multan (Main) to FaisalabadEconomy1210
11Multan (Main) to FaisalabadSleeper Bus2060
12Multan (Main) to FaizabadSuper Luxury2750
13Multan (Main) to FaizabadExecutive Class2750
14Multan (Main) to HyderabadLuxury4270
15Multan (Main) to HyderabadSuper Luxury4270
16Multan (Main) to HyderabadSleeper Bus6700
17Multan (Main) to Iqbalabad (RYK)Executive Class1650
18Multan (Main) to Iqbalabad (RYK)Luxury1650
19Multan (Main) to Iqbalabad (RYK)Super Luxury1650
20Multan (Main) to Iqbalabad (RYK)Sleeper Bus2440
21Multan (Main) to KarachiLuxury4330
22Multan (Main) to KarachiSuper Luxury4330
23Multan (Main) to KarachiSleeper Bus7000
24Multan (Main) to KhanpurEconomy1430
25Multan (Main) to KhanewalEconomy360
26Multan (Main) to KhanewalSuper Luxury360
27Multan (Main) to Lahore (Kalma Chowk)Gold Class2280
28Multan (Main) to Lahore (Kalma Chowk)Super Luxury1990
29Multan (Main) to Lahore (Thokar)Economy1830
30Multan (Main) to Lahore (Thokar)Super Luxury1830
31Multan (Main) to Lahore (Thokar)Luxury1830
32Multan (Main) to Mian ChanuEconomy420
33Multan (Main) to MoroLuxury3790
34Multan (Main) to MoroSuper Luxury3790
35Multan (Main) to MoroSleeper Bus5670
36Multan (Main) to MuzafargarhSuper Luxury490
37Multan (Main) to Paikhel/ Kot BelianEconomy780
38Multan (Main) to PeshawarLuxury2690
39Multan (Main) to Rashakai (Nowshera)Luxury2680
40Multan (Main) to RawalpindiLuxury2650
41Multan (Main) to RawalpindiSuper Luxury2650
42Multan (Main) to RawalpindiExecutive Class2650
43Multan (Main) to SadiqabadSuper Luxury1780
44Multan (Main) to SadiqabadExecutive Class1780
45Multan (Main) to SahiwalEconomy670
46Multan (Main) to SakrandLuxury4230
47Multan (Main) to SakrandSuper Luxury4230
48Multan (Main) to SakrandSleeper Bus6180
49Multan (Main) to SargodhaSuper Luxury1630
50Multan (Main) to SargodhaEconomy1630
51Multan (Main) to Shah MaqsoodLuxury2660
52Multan (Main) to SukkurLuxury2730
53Multan (Main) to SukkurSuper Luxury2730
54Multan (Main) to SukkurSleeper Bus4640
55Multan (Main) to Zahirpir CityEconomy1270
56Multan (Main) to Zahirpir InterchangeSuper Luxury1270
57Multan (Main) to Zahirpir InterchangeExecutive Class1270
58Multan (Main) to Zahirpir InterchangeLuxury1270

Hyderabad Daewoo Ticket Prices

Below are the complete Daewoo Ticket Prices 2023 Hyderabad to other cities.

#RouteClass Ticket Price (PKR)
1Hyderabad to Abbottabad (Fawara Chowk)Luxury6840
2Hyderabad to AbbottabadLuxury6900
3Hyderabad to FaisalabadLuxury5060
4Hyderabad to FaisalabadSuper Luxury5060
5Hyderabad to FaisalabadSleeper Bus8000
6Hyderabad to Iqbalabad (RYK)Luxury3180
7Hyderabad to Iqbalabad (RYK)Super Luxury3180
8Hyderabad to Iqbalabad (RYK)Sleeper Bus3720
9Hyderabad to KarachiSleeper Bus2700
10Hyderabad to KarachiLuxury650
11Hyderabad to KarachiEconomy650
12Hyderabad to KarachiSuper Luxury650
13Hyderabad to KhanewalSleeper Bus6970
14Hyderabad to Lahore (Thokar)Luxury6070
15Hyderabad to Lahore (Thokar)Sleeper Bus8900
16Hyderabad to MoroLuxury1390
17Hyderabad to MoroSuper Luxury1390
18Hyderabad to MoroSleeper Bus2060
19Hyderabad to MultanLuxury4270
20Hyderabad to MultanSuper Luxury4270
21Hyderabad to MultanSleeper Bus6700
22Hyderabad to PeshawarLuxury6680
23Hyderabad to Rashakai (Nowshera)Luxury6240
24Hyderabad to RawalpindiSleeper Bus8900
25Hyderabad to RawalpindiLuxury6580
26Hyderabad to SakrandSleeper Bus2060
27Hyderabad to SakrandLuxury920
28Hyderabad to SakrandSuper Luxury920
29Hyderabad to SargodhaSuper Luxury5410
30Hyderabad to Shah MaqsoodLuxury6700
31Hyderabad to SukkurSuper Luxury2440
32Hyderabad to SukkurLuxury2440
33Hyderabad to SukkurSleeper Bus3500
34Hyderabad to Zahirpir InterchangeLuxury3060
35Hyderabad to Zahirpir InterchangeSuper Luxury3060

Peshawar Daewoo Ticket Prices

Below are the complete ticket prices for Daewoo Peshawar to other cities.

#RouteClass Ticket Price (PKR)
1Peshawar to Abbottabad (Fawara Chowk)Economy750
2Peshawar to AbbottabadEconomy820
3Peshawar to BarikotEconomy490
4Peshawar to  BatkhelaEconomy460
5Peshawar to Dera Ismail KhanLuxury2220
6Peshawar to Dera Ismail KhanEconomy1670
7Peshawar to FaisalabadLuxury1910
8Peshawar to FaizabadEconomy780
9Peshawar to Gandi ChowkEconomy1300
10Peshawar to GujranwalaEconomy1780
11Peshawar to HyderabadLuxury6680
12Peshawar to Iqbalabad (RYK)Luxury4420
13Peshawar to JhelumEconomy1750
14Peshawar to KarachiLuxury6810
15Peshawar to KhanewalEconomy1670
16Peshawar to KohatEconomy790
17Peshawar to Lahore (Kalma Chowk)Super Luxury2530
18Peshawar to Lahore (Thokar)Super Luxury2440
19Peshawar to MoroLuxury6250
20Peshawar to MultanLuxury2690
21Peshawar to Rashakai (Nowshera)Economy400
22Peshawar to Rashakai (Nowshera)Super Luxury400
23Peshawar to Rashakai (Nowshera)Luxury400
24Peshawar to RawalpindiEconomy720
25Peshawar to RawalpindiLuxury720
26Peshawar to SakrandLuxury6280
27Peshawar to Shah MaqsoodEconomy620
28Peshawar to SialkotEconomy2270
29Peshawar to SukkurLuxury5640
30Peshawar to SwatEconomy710
31Peshawar to Zahirpir InterchangeLuxury4190

Sialkot Daewoo Ticket Prices

Below are the complete Daewoo Ticket Prices 2023 Sialkot to other cities.

#RouteClass Ticket Price (PKR)
1Sialkot to DaskaEconomy370
2Sialkot to FaizabadEconomy1360
3Sialkot to GujranwalaEconomy560
4Sialkot to JhelumEconomy640
5Sialkot to KharianEconomy500
6Sialkot to Lahore (Thokar)Economy980
7Sialkot to PeshawarEconomy2270
8Sialkot to Rashakai (Nowshera)Economy1990
9Sialkot to RawalpindiEconomy1370


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