Desert Safari Dubai Timing and best pricing – Complete guide

Desert Safari Dubai Timing and best pricing – Complete guide

Good day! I’m here to tell you about a fantastic thing to do in the United Arab Emirates: Desert Safari Dubai. It’s an opportunity to take your friends or family on an overnight safari outside the city and into the desert. The best part is that everything is included; no extra money or credit cards are required.

Evening Desert Safari in Dubai

Morning Desert Safari Dubai

The morning desert safari in Dubai is ideal for those who enjoy the desert and don’t mind getting up early. Driving through the desert starts the morning off, and your driver will pick you up from your hotel in time for breakfast at the camp. After that, you’ll set out on another safari, stopping for lunch at a Bedouin camp before returning to your hotel.

It’s also great if you want to stay at one of these camps for longer. This trip offers activities like camel trekking, sand boarding, dune bashing, quad biking on tall dunes, and some incredible meals (and even more amazing views).

Evening Desert Safari Dubai

One of the most well-liked tours in Dubai is the evening desert safari, and for a good reason. It is at its best when the sun has set and it is time for entertainment shows and a BBQ buffet dinner. You’ll begin with a brief drive to your first stop, an outdoor market where you can browse for trinkets and sample local Emirati clothing for women, children, and men.

Then it’s off into the desert with our experienced driver, who will guide you past some breathtaking vistas and difficult obstacles. Even if you’re not lucky, you might be able to see some animals during this leg of your journey. The final leg of this experience involves returning to Desert Safari Camp, where we will have dinner together, watch some traditional shows, and listen to live music from local artists performing traditional Arabic songs on karaoke machines around us.

Nighttime Desert Safari

You can go on an overnight desert safari, have dinner around a campfire, or even sleep outside under the stars. This is a complete dentures activity for your family and the ideal way to explore the Arabian Desert if you want something exciting.

Safari in the Arabian Desert

The Arabian Peninsula is another name for the world’s largest desert, the Arabian Desert. It is situated in the Middle East and is bordered by the ocean and mountains on one side. This area is interesting because it contains various rock types, including sandstone, limestone, granite, and shale.

The desert is full of dunes and has lovely landscapes, such as oases, where you can find palm trees growing naturally or, if you’re lucky, perhaps even ones that someone else has planted at some point.

Price for a Dubai Desert Safari

The cost of a Desert Safari Dubai depends on the duration and packages offered at a specific time. Although some other activities are available with extra rates, too, if you want to get more thrill, like Quad Biking or Dune Buggy riding, the price is typically around 100 AED per person for 6 hours.


I wish you luck in selecting the ideal desert safari for your excursion. You can officially say that you have finished your trip to Dubai once you have completed this activity. For a family with children as well as a group of friends, it’s a complete activity.


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